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Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi

Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi

Male PowerTap to 4 Female PowerTap receptacles.

Expands any Gold Mount PowerTap to accommodate up to four separate devices. Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi is perfect for powering multiple wireless receivers, on-board monitors as well as an Ultralight from a single camera battery (10 amp max total).

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Accessory Items

Core SWX XP-AJA-5 PowerTap to AJA 2-pin, 5v regulated
Core SWX XP-AJA-5 The new XP-AJA-5 cable allows users to plug into any battery via V-mount or Gold Mount plate and power both 12vdc accessories (ie. monitor, light) as well as an AJA mini converter. Input:DC 11-17vOutput for AJA: DC 5v, 3AOutput for P-tap: DC 11-17v, unregulatedGreen LED indication: power inputRed LED indication: AJA power outputLength: 24" (approx. 61 cm)

gross: €119.00
Core SWX D-Tap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF
Core SWX Powertap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF The PTM-3PTF is a powertap breakout cable tripling the number of female powertap outputs available from any battery mount plate. It is perfect for powering multple accessories and can handle up to 10A.

gross: €70.21
Core SWX PT-XF3 P-tap for Sony F3 with EX-L96
Core SWX PT-XF3 The PT-XF3 is the necessary cabling for those wishing to use the Switronix EX-L96 with the Sony F3 camcorders. The cable has an XLR to plug into the F3, and utilizes the powertap port on the EX-L96, while also including an additional female powertap port so you're not sacrificing the power output. 8" long.

gross: €51.17
Hawk-Woods PC-20 D-Tap Male to D-Tap Male Cable
Hawk-Woods PC-20 Power-Con Male to Power-Con Male Cable, length: 45 cm

gross: €51.17

Similar products

Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End
Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End SKU: 8075-0087 A 3 foot (91.44 cm) power cable that mates with the PowerTap receptacle in any Gold Mount. Can be used to power any 12-17 volt accessory (wireless mic, hard drive, etc.) from the camera battery. Customer must install connector to match the specific accessory power input. (10 amp. max.).

gross: €49.98
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Anton Bauer CINE VCLX Battery 560 Wh NiMH simultaneous output 14.4V/28V
Anton Bauer Cine VCLX SKU: 8675-0051 The Anton Bauer CINE VCLX is an advanced battery for film and video applications. This Anton Bauer CINE VCLX battery offers 28VDC cine and 14.4VDC video capabilities. It features Anton Bauer diagnostics, protection and a rugged case design. Technical data Size: 10.00 x 12.75 x 5.50 in (25.40 cm x 32.39 cm x 13.97 cm)Weight: 25.0 lbs (11.3 kg)(2) 4p XLR for 14.4v and (1) 3p XLR for 28v.Provides Dual simultaneous outputs (20 amps@ 14.4v ; 12 amps @28v)14.4v and 28v 560Wh NiMH batteryIntegral digital featuresON/OFF switchREALTIME displayCompatible with CINE VCLX chargerMAXX 1.5 Warranty

gross: €3,094.00
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Axcom U-SVLO-150-UD Li-Ion V-Mount Battery 14,8V 150 Wh (with USB and D-tap)
Axcom U-SVLO-150-UD Axcom U-SVLO-150 Features 14.8 V / 10 Ah / 150 Wh3-way LED capacity indicatorCells from SamsungWith D-Tap connector and 2.3 mm socketBuilt-in safeguards against overload, short circuit, over-discharge General Dimensions (WxHxD): 10.1 cm x 5.7 cm x 15.2 cmWeight: 1.09 kg

gross: €222.53
Free shipping
Core SWX PB70-CA24 PowerBase-70 for Canon BP style camcorder
Core SWX PB70-CA24 The new PB70-VBG is a 70wh 14.8v lithium-ion battery pack for Canon BP style camcorder. The 24" cable provides more flexibility with mounting the Powerbase battery pack. The PB70-VBG mounts under the camera or may attach to a HDV support via its 1/4-20 release plate or V-mount.Wired as a 14.8v battery pack, it can provide extended power to up to two additional 12vdc devices, as well as other devices requiring lower voltage through an additional XP power regulation cable. The pack is also furnished with a 1/4-20 on either side to mount accessories. Capacity: 70Wh, 4.8AhDesign Voltage: 14.8vSize: 15.88 cm x 4.57 cm x 8.38 cmWeight: 0.64 kg PB70C is the suggested charger for this Powerbase

gross: €428.40
Anton Bauer Hytron 140
Anton Bauer Hytron 140 This high power NiMH battery system is ideally suited to the power demands of today's high definition equipment and on-camera lighting systems. In lower power applications, it can provide power for many hours without limits or travel restrictions. The Anton Bauer Hytron 140 also offer an excellent counterbalance to offset the weight of a lens. With the transition to HD cameras, the HyTRON 140 typically provides up to four hours of run-time with a single battery. Technical data Size: 4.75 in x 2.90 in x 5.45 in (12.06 cm x 7.37 cm x 13.84 cm)Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)14.4v 140Wh NiMH batteryIncreased weight/power ratioIdeal for High Current ApplicationsCan be used with HMI portable ballast lightsIntegral digital featuresREALTIME displayCompatible with current Anton/Bauer InterActive charger series.Meets regulatory requirements including CEMAXX II Warrant

gross: €678.30
Free shipping
Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Li-Ion V-Mount Battery 14,8V / 6,6Ah / 99Wh (with USB and D-tap)
Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Features 14.8 V / 6.6 Ah / 99 Wh5-way LED capacity indicatorCells from SamsungWith Anton Bauer connector and 2.3 mm socketBuilt-in safeguards against overload, short circuit, over-dischargeUSB Output: 5V / 2.1A General Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.47 cm x 4.83 cm x 14.13 cmWeight 700 g

gross: €177.31
Free shipping
Axcom U-SVLO-190-UD Li-Ion V-Mount Battery 14,8V 190 Wh (with USB and D-tap)
Axcom U-SVLO-190-UD Axcom U-SVLO-190 Li-Ion V-Mount Battery  14,8V 190 Wh Features 14.8 V / 13 Ah / 190 Wh3-way LED capacity indicatorCells from SamsungWith D-Tap connector and 2.3 mm socketBuilt-in safeguards against overload, short circuit, over-discharge General Dimensions (WxHxD): 10.1 cm x 6.3 cm x 15.2 cmWeight: 1.25 kg

gross: €247.52
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