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oconnor o-grips OConnor O-Grips Single Jointed Set C1244-0001
Constructed with a solid titanium core for extreme durability and reliability, O-Grips feature smooth-functioning, single-handle ball joints with a maximum payload capacity of 44 lbs (20 kg)
€1,284.01 * with VAT
€1,079.00 without VAT

oconnor o-grips deluxe set OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set C1244-0003
Stackable modules, i.e. you can put together Double or multi-joint handles / Rod Bridge fits all three common rod systems (Studio 15mm, 19mm & Studio LWS 15mm)
€2,581.11 * with VAT
€2,169.00 without VAT

OConnor O-Grips Double Jointed Set OConnor O-Grips Double Jointed Set C1244-0002
The OConnor O-Grips Double Jointed Set is a set of modular O-Grips configured to create double handles for custom applications
€2,021.81 * with VAT
€1,699.00 without VAT