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Atomos NEON Atomos NEON (17 / 24 / 31 / 55) 4K HDR Monitor...
The Atomos Neon comes in 17”, 24”, 31” and 55” screen sizes, and complements other Atomos products such as the Shinobi SDI, Ninja V, Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 to provide a flexible ecosystem of field reference monitors
From €4,758.81 * with VAT
€3,999.00 without VAT

4K Professional Video Monitor OSEE LMW-4320 32” 4K Professional Video Monitor
Each LMW-4320 will be undergone the rigorous color calibration to guarantee the color uniformity on each monitor. The LMW-4320 is an inevitable monitoring tool in UHD (4K) production and playout to guarantee high quality rendering.
€1,974.21 * with VAT
€1,659.00 without VAT

NEC 322UHD-2 SpectraView NEC 322UHD-2 SpectraView Reference LCD 32"...
Professional 31.5 Colour Display. The NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD-2 is a high-end professional performance LCD monitors using the latest 10-bit IGZO technology IPS-type LED backlit LCD for colour critical applications with many...
€4,758.81 * with VAT
€3,999.00 without VAT

NEC EA275WMi MultiSync LCD Display NEC EA275WMi MultiSync LCD 27" Commercial Display
The NEC MultiSync EA275WMi features an extremely thin 27" IPS LED backlight panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which results in an ultra-modern and slim design. Ambient Light and Human Sensors enforce the sustainable product concept
€748.51 * with VAT
€629.00 without VAT

NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 MultiSync LCD 32" Professional Display NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 MultiSync LCD 32"...
The NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 allows 24/7 usage (with optional Warranty extension) and error-free, intensive viewing
€3,806.81 * with VAT
€3,199.00 without VAT

NEC P484 MultiSync LCD Display NEC P484 MultiSync LCD 48" Professional Large...
Modular and scalable, NEC MultiSync P484 display brings powerful capability for Digital Signage. Deliver your message with impact and seamless simplicity for the most convincing results.
€2,378.81 * with VAT
€1,999.00 without VAT

EIZO CG2730 ColorEdge EIZO CG2730 ColorEdge 27" 16:9 IPS Monitor
The EIZO ColorEdge CG2730 panel also covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space used in post production. The EIZO CG2730 is equipped with a built-in calibration sensor.
€1,899.24 * with VAT
€1,596.00 without VAT

quad view broadcast monitor Neway CK2800 28’’ Carry-on 4K Ultra-HD...
28’’ 16:9 LED Display, 170° Viewing Angles / 3840x2160 Resolution / 300cd/m² Brightness, 1000:1 Contrast / 3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Audio Interfaces / Support 4K 60Hz, 30Hz / Metal Housing & Carry-on Suitcase
€1,664.81 * with VAT
€1,399.00 without VAT