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Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit
Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit Includes: 1 x Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone, 1 x Deity Fur Wind Shield, 1 x Rycote Pistol Grip Shock Mount For Boom Poles
€498.61 *
Net Price €419.00
Deity S-MIC 2 Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone
The Deity S-MIC 2 has an ultra low noise floor at 12dB (A-weighted), 24dB (CCIR 268-3). Combined with its anti-RF interference build, the S-Mic 2 is able to be boosted with gain with a lot less background noise than some microphones on...
€415.31 *
Net Price €349.00
Deity V-Mic D3 Microphone Deity V-Mic D3 Camera Shotgun Microphone
The V-Mic D3 is the workhorse on-camera microphone you’ve always wanted. Built with a lightweight uni-body aluminium metal body it offers you the strength to stand up to the same elements your camera can handle.
€117.81 *
Net Price €99.00
Deity V-MIC D3 Pro Deity V-MIC D3 Pro Camera Shotgun Microphone
Inside the V-Mic D3 Pro lives a microprocessor that digitally shakes hands with the audio input it’s been plugged into. The D3 Pro will work with a phone, tablet, DSLR, body pack transmitters; just about anything with a 3.5mm microphone...
€224.91 *
Net Price €189.00
Deity V.Lav Deity V.Lav Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
The V.Lav is a broadcast-grade omni-directional lavalier microphone designed for use in video productions.The V.Lav is the world’s first lavalier to feature a microprocessor that adapts the TRRS plug to work with almost any 3.5mm...
€58.31 *
Net Price €49.00
Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier
Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Only one tenth of an inch in diameter, the Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier is the smallest lavalier in the world and outperforms microphones many times its size. The changeable protective...
From €439.11 *
Net Price €369.00
rode dead kitten Rode Dead kitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield
The DeadKitten windshield is designed for minimising any wind noise when using a microphone in high wind conditions. Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent.
€26.18 *
Net Price €22.00
rode stereo videomic x Rode Stereo VideoMic X
The Stereo VideoMic X is the ultimate broadcast-grade stereo microphone for on-camera use. Utilising all-metal construction, it is incredibly robust making it ideal for regular professional use
€476.00 *
Net Price €400.00
rode boompole Rode BoomPole
The RODE Boompole is a precision balanced professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade, lightweight aluminium. The Boompole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions
€111.86 *
Net Price €94.00
rode ws7 Rode WS7 Deluxe Wind Shield
The RODE WS7 Deluxe Windshield is an easy to use high-performance windshield for shotgun microphones. Designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions, the WS7 combines an open-cell foam surround
€46.41 *
Net Price €39.00
rode m1-s Rode M1-S Live Performance Dynamic Microphone
With rock-solid build quality and a high-power neodymium capsule, the RODE M1-S switchable live dynamic microphone is designed to provide the very best performance, night after night.
€105.91 *
Net Price €89.00
Beyerdynamic MCE 58 Beyerdynamic MCE 58
The MCE 58 condenser microphone has been specially developed for interviewing and broadcasting
€285.01 *
Net Price €239.50
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