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Atomos NEON Atomos NEON (17 / 24 / 31 / 55) 4K HDR Monitor...
The Atomos Neon comes in 17”, 24”, 31” and 55” screen sizes, and complements other Atomos products such as the Shinobi SDI, Ninja V, Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 to provide a flexible ecosystem of field reference monitors
From €4,758.81 * with VAT
€3,999.00 without VAT

Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR
SKU: HYPERD/RSTEX8KHDR / EAN: 9338716006209 / The new HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR features the trusted reliability of HyperDeck combined with new innovations such as space saving H.265 files, optional internal cache, 3D LUTs, native 8K and...
€5,444.25 * with VAT
€4,575.00 without VAT

Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme Control Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme Control
SKU: HYPERD/RSTEXCTR / EAN: 9338716006216 / Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme Control gives you traditional deck control features with a built in editor for automating the ingest of legacy videotape based programming
€1,428.00 * with VAT
€1,200.00 without VAT

AJA Ki Pro GO AJA Ki Pro GO Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder
AJA Ki Pro GO is a portable multi-channel H.264 recorder offering up to 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off the shelf USB drives with redundant recording capabilities.
€4,282.81 * with VAT
€3,599.00 without VAT

Atomos Shogun 7 Atomos Shogun 7 HDR Pro Monitor/Recorder/Switcher
SKU: ATOMSHG701 / Atomos Shogun 7 is a precision HDR monitor-recorder-switcher designed for the film and video professional. It can be used as either a stand-alone field monitor, recorder and switcher for event, documentary and live...
€1,779.05 * with VAT
€1,495.00 without VAT

TransVideo StarliteHD+ TransVideo StarliteHD+ 5” High-end...
SKU: 917TS0177-p / Transvideo StartliteHD+ built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and a luminance histogram, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards
€1,487.50 * with VAT
€1,250.00 without VAT

TransVideo StarliteHD-m TransVideo StarliteHD-m full package (ARRI,...
SKU: 917TS0185 / EAN: 3700592605931 / TransVideo StarliteHD-m full package includes StarliteHD-m monitor and all the necessary cables for the most popular cameras
€2,368.10 * with VAT
€1,990.00 without VAT

TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator OLED...
SKU: 917TS0142 / EAN: 3700592604552 / Despite of its small form factor, the TransVideo StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox. This remarkable monitor provides the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement:
€1,654.10 * with VAT
€1,390.00 without VAT

Atomos Ninja V Atomos Ninja V 4K HDMI Recording Monitor
SKU: ATOMNJAV01 / Atomos Ninja V is a 5" on-camera monitor/recorder that records and plays back DCI 4K, UHD 4K, and HD video from purpose-built mini-SSDs. Record up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera's sensor, over HDMI 2.0
€784.21 * with VAT
€659.00 without VAT

AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus Multi-Channel HD Recorder...
AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus is a Multi-Channel Apple ProRes recorder offering up to 4-Channels of simultaneous HD recording, or in Single-Channel mode a 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD Apple ProRes® or Avid DNxHD® MXF recorder and player
€5,584.67 * with VAT
€4,693.00 without VAT

Atomos Sumo 4Kp60 HDR monitor-recorder Atomos Sumo19 4Kp60 HDR monitor-recorder
Atomos Sumo is the first production monitor that also records 4K 12bit Raw, 10bit ProRes/DNxHR, plus 1080p60 live switching and recording. Sumo records using the patented Master Caddy system
€2,261.00 * with VAT
€1,900.00 without VAT

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini
HyperDeck Studio Mini is the world’s smallest Ultra HD broadcast deck with professional 10 bit recording and playback, dual SD/UHS-II card recorders, FTP media upload and more!
€760.41 * with VAT
€639.00 without VAT

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