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Wooden Camera Battery Slide Pro V-Mount Sony FX9 Wooden Camera Battery Slide Pro V-Mount (Sony FX9)
SKU: 275900 / Battery Slide Pro V-Mount (Sony FX9) utilizes a WC Pro V-Mount plate which converts battery voltage to 19.5V for the camera, FX9 barrel connector, and a custom Battery Slide which attaches directly to the back of the Sony...
€498.80 *
Net Price €430.00
Core SWX Battery Plate for Sony PXW-FX9 Core SWX CXV-FX9 Battery Plate for Sony PXW-FX9...
SKU: CXV-FX9 / The CXV-FX9 mounts directly to the back of the Sony PXW-FX9, as an alternative power option to the Sony XDCA-FX9. The milled aluminum product inserts into the battery slot of the camera and also attaches into the top of...
€533.60 *
Net Price €460.00
Helix PMC Direct Mount for ARRI Core SWX Helix Power Management Control Direct...
SKU: HLX-PMC-V / The HLX-PMC-V mounts directly to ARRI cameras, and has a v-mount front. It also accepts standard V-mount 14v battery packs (not for ARRI LF applications).
€1,113.60 *
Net Price €960.00
PMC Mount Plate for Red Ranger Core SWX Helix Power Management Control Mount...
SKU: HLX-RR-V / The HLX Power Management Control mount plates take power management concerns away from the camera, and provide a “hot swappable” platform between on-board and block battery/AC mains, while providing transparency to the AC...
€1,032.40 *
Net Price €890.00
core swx HLXR-PMC-V Core SWX Helix Power Management Control Rail...
SKU: HLXR-PMC-V / The on-board LCD monitors input percentage/voltage of the power sources, as well as current draw of the entire camera setup
€1,032.40 *
Net Price €890.00
Core SWX HLX-VEN-V Core SWX HLX-VEN-V Sony VENICE Helix V-Mount...
SKU: HLX-VEN-V / The Core SWX HLX-VEN-V mounts to the Sony Venice with v-mount back with and without the RS7 module, and has a v-mount front. RS loops through port for start/stop
€498.80 *
Net Price €430.00
SKU: HLX-BAB-V / The Core SWX HLX-BAB-V mounts directly to ARRI LF and Alexa to provide a direct connection to the camera and has a v-mount front. When coupled with HELIX packs, it outputs up to 33.6vdc
€365.40 *
Net Price €315.00
Core SWX HLX-TS-SFF Core SWX HLX-TS-SFF Helix HotSwap/SharkFin...
SKU: HLX-TS-SFF / The Core SWX HLX-TS-SFF is a v-mount to v-mount sharkfin plate that accepts HELIX battery packs and standard 14v packs
€371.20 *
Net Price €320.00
Core SWX GP-TS-SFF Core SWX GP-TS-SFF Short Form Factor Hotswap...
SKU: GP-TS-SFF / The Core SWX GP-TS-SFF is a short form factor Hotswap Shark-fin adapter that mounts directly to the existing v-type plate on the camera. It allows for continuous battery operation, and for additional accessories, it has...
€282.69 *
Net Price €243.70
Core SWX GP-S-C3MK2 Core SWX GP-S-C3MK2 V--Mount Battery Plate for...
SKU: GP-S-C3MK2 / Core SWX GP-S-C3MK2 is a V-mount Plate with 2 Powertaps and Lemo compatible with the Canon C300 MKII and Canon C200; 18 inches. The GP-S-C3MK2 plate is outfitted with the specific lemo connector needed to power the camera
€191.06 *
Net Price €164.71
Core SWX Core-SumoV Core SWX Core-SumoV V-Mount Plate Set for...
SKU: Core-SumoV / Double V-mount kit with coiled powertap to 12″ XLR 4-pin for Atomos Sumo
€173.51 *
Net Price €149.58
sony pxw-fs7 v-mount battery plate Core SWX GP-S-FS7 V-Mount Battery Plate for...
The GP-S-FS7 V-mount adapter mounts directly to the back of the Sony FS7, as an alternative power option to the XDCA-FS7. It provides a secure platform for mounting V-mount batteries directly onto the FS7 camera
€311.93 *
Net Price €268.91
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