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ATOMLCDP02 Atomos LCD Protector for SUMO
SKU: ATOMLCDP02 / The Atomos SUMO LCD screen protector for the SUMO 19 and the SUMO 19M was specially developed for this touch panel and offers a matte surface that reduces reflections while protecting the touch panel from scratches
€58.31 *
Net Price €49.00
Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor...
SKU: A20003 / The Ultra QR Monitor Mount (Baby Pin, C-Stand) is an articulating monitor mount for securely attaching production monitors up to 20kg to a C-Stand or 5/8” (15mm) Male Baby Pin
€314.16 *
Net Price €264.00
ATOMCON003 ATOMOS Connect for Ninja V/V+
SKU: ATOMCON003 / ATOMOS CONNECT is the ultimate accessory for the NINJA V / NINJA V+ and represents a profound shift in the way we conceive of devices for monitoring and recording
€474.81 *
Net Price €399.00
SKU: ATOMXCST01 / ATOMOS AtomX Cast is a modular companion for the Atomos Ninja V or Atomos Ninja V+ monitor-recorder that uses the AtomX expansion port on the Ninja V/V+ to transform it into an advanced multi-input switcher.
€296.31 *
Net Price €249.00
8Sinn Directors Monitor Cage 8Sinn Directors Monitor Cage V2
SKU: 8-DMCV2 / 8Sinn Directors Monitor Cage is an universal tool for a wide range of monitors with bottom attachment. Adjustable, foam covered handles with the widened top to provide safer grip during long usage (stop point in case of...
€267.75 *
Net Price €225.00
Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Cage v3 Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Cage v3
SKU: 270000 / The Director's Monitor Cage v3 is engineered to be universally compatible with any monitor up to 9 inches (measured diagonally) and attaches via top, bottom, or rear 1/4-20 mounting locations
€357.00 *
Net Price €300.00
Atomos AtomX SDI Module Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V
SKU: ATOMXSDI01 / EAN: 0814164021258 / The AtomX SDI expansion module is designed to turn your Atomos Ninja V into a pro video SDI powerhouse
€236.81 *
Net Price €199.00
Type-C to SATA Adapter AngelBird Type-C to SATA Adapter
EAN: 9120056583300 / AngelBird Type-C to SATA Adapter is easy to handle, provides lightweight and durable 2.5” and 3.5” SATA storage access with latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gb/s connectivity
€35.70 *
Net Price €30.00
8Sinn Cage for Atomos Ninja V 8Sinn Cage for Atomos Ninja V / V+
SKU: 8-ANV C / 8Sinn Cage for Atomos Ninja V is designed for Atomos Ninja V. 8Sinn cages have many features that make them unique. Above all is the original modern design, fitted to professional filmmakers creativity.
€113.05 *
Net Price €95.00
Director's monitor cage sunshade Vocas 0600-0920 Director's monitor cage sunshade
SKU: 0600-0920 / Vocas Director's monitor cage sunshade is water resistant and highly recommended for maximum reflection reduction, better contrast, colors and optimal true representation of the image
€232.05 *
Net Price €195.00
Atomos Sunhood for Sumo 19" Monitor Atomos Sunhood for Sumo 19" Monitor
SKU: ATOM19SUN1 / Atomos Sunhood for Sumo 19" Monitor will block excess reflections from washing out the displayed image. This is important when viewing HDR imagery, which naturally uses a larger contrast range, and can easily be...
€226.10 *
Net Price €190.00
8Sinn Monitor Holder Safety NATO Rail 60mm 8Sinn Monitor Holder + Safety NATO Rail 60mm
SKU: 8-MH+8-SNR60MM / 8Sinn Monitor Holder consists of two arms, one regulating knob and one mounting thumb screw. Rubber pads located the holder mounting surface, prevent from any unwanted friction.
€70.21 *
Net Price €59.00
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