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CC-PXWX400B QUICK-DRAW Camera Case Porta Brace CC-PXWX400B Ultra-durable...
SKU: CC-PXWX400B / CC-PXWX400B QUICK-DRAW Camera Case is designed for Sony PXW-X400, for working around town and out of a van or car trunk, with plenty of room for a lunch. The top loading case has a wide open fold back top that stays...
€677.11 *
Net Price €569.00
Porta Brace RIG-EVA1XT Cargo Case Porta Brace RIG-EVA1XT Cargo Case for Panasonic...
The Porta Brace RIG-EVA1XT has been designed to add extra height to this case to accomodate your equipment needs in a better manner. It is designed to Panasonic AU-EVA1 setups up to 21.75" long
€343.91 *
Net Price €289.00
Porta Brace RIG-EVA1OR Porta Brace RIG-EVA1OR Wheeled Cargo Case for...
The Porta Brace RIG-EVA1OR Cargo Case Camera Editionis designed to accommodate the Panasonic AU-EVA1. It also features an off-road wheel system with steel axles, solid rubber wheels, and ball bearings
€415.31 *
Net Price €349.00
Porta Brace RIG-EVA1XL Porta Brace RIG-EVA1XL Ultra-light Cordura...
The RIG-EVA1XL is a durable, versatile soft-sided camera case for the Panasonic AU-EVA. The case is constructed using ballistic-grade, 1000-denier Cordura nylon with an ultra-lightweight 1-inch thick interior foam frame
€320.11 *
Net Price €269.00
Porta Brace WPC-3OR Large Wheeled Production Case Porta Brace WPC-3OR Large Wheeled Production Case
The Porta Brace WPC-3OR (Large Wheeled Production Case) is a rugged rolling transport case designed to protect and carry a wide range of lighting, grip and production gear, electronics, accessories, batteries, cable, and more
€773.50 *
Net Price €650.00
Porta Brace WPC-2OR Porta Brace WPC-2OR Wheeled Production Case (Blue)
The off-road wheels have ball-bearings and sturdy steel axels for long-lasting smooth rolling over almost any surface. The WPC-1OR and 2OR models have retractable handles and the large WPC-3OR has a comfortable removable leather handle.
€581.91 *
Net Price €489.00
Porta Brace WPC-2ORB Porta Brace WPC-2ORB Wheeled Production Case...
Perfect for transporting all kinds of heavy loads for studio, audio, video and film equipment. The entire case line has been redesigned to provide more space with a new, lighter-weight frames.
€581.91 *
Net Price €489.00
Porta Brace SLR-1B Porta Brace SLR-1B SLR Camera Case (Black)
SKU: SLR-1B / SLR Camera Case is a durable case for field photography. There is a padded, rigid-frame interior with adjustable camera tie-down strap that secures your camera in place. A padded divider-kit system organizes and protects...
€304.64 *
Net Price €256.00
transPorter Medium camrade Camrade transPorter Medium
The transPorter Medium is a flexible yet sturdy bag that fits a professional camcorder up to 45 cm/ 17.7 inches. Pockets of many shapes and sizes are added in the front and back pouch for easy access
€213.01 *
Net Price €179.00
transPorter Large cam camRade transPorter Large
The transPorter Large is a flexible yet sturdy bag that fits a professional camcorder up to 52 cm/ 20.5 inches. Pockets of many shapes and sizes are added in the front and back pouch for easy access
€236.81 *
Net Price €199.00
camRade run&gunBag Cinema camRade run&gunBag Cinema
The run&gunBag Cinema is especially designed for professional cinema style cameras up to 47 cm and 18.5 inches. Due to the extra height in the design of this bag, it’s possible to stow away the camera with top handle, baseplate and rods...
€238.00 *
Net Price €200.00
Porta Brace CBA-PMW200B Porta Brace CBA-PMW200B for Sony PMW-200
Camera Body Armor protects your camera from dust, dirt, rain, sun, bumps, and scratches. It comes with a built in rain top that is always easily accessible when you need it from the side pocket
€355.81 *
Net Price €299.00
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