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No results were found for the filter! El-Bo Arm El-Bo Arm
SKU: 9.VE5085 / The El-Bo Arm is the fundamental design behind a series of incredibly strong articulating arms that can be used to hold lights, cameras, monitors, musical instruments, tablets, and more.
€95.20 *
Net Price €80.00 Python Clamp with 5/8" Pin Python Clamp with 5/8" Pin
SKU: 9.VP5081A / The Python Clamp with 5/8” Pin has a 5/8” pin for mounting baby-standard grip and lighting equipment.
€35.70 *
Net Price €30.00
9.SOLUTIONS Python Clamp Mini 9.SOLUTIONS Python Clamp Mini
SKU: 9.VB5079 / Python Clamp Mini combines a clamp with a revolving 3/8” and 5/8” Pass-thru receptacle. Both the clamp and pass-thru receptacle tighten via one T-knob, allowing for remarkable ease of use
€29.75 *
Net Price €25.00 Savior Spring Clamp Savior Spring Clamp
SKU: 9.XS1004 / Savior Spring Clamp is the fast-mounting version of the Savior Clamp. It is fitted with a strong, torsion spring that delivers maximum clamping force. It has unique, articulating jaws that can fit firmly onto any oddly...
€35.70 *
Net Price €30.00 Savior Clamp Mini Savior Clamp Mini
SKU: 9.XS1006 / The Savior Clamp Mini is the miniature version of its big brother the Savior Clamp. It has two uniquely shaped jaws that clamp firmly onto any shape: round, square, or flat
€41.65 *
Net Price €35.00
9.SOLUTIONS Savior Clamp 9.SOLUTIONS Savior Clamp
SKU: 9.XS1005 / Savior Clamp has unique, articulating jaws that can fit firmly onto any oddly shaped object. Whether mounting on round, square, or flat objects, the peak-and-valley design of the jaw allows for multiple points of contact
€47.60 *
Net Price €40.00 Barracuda Clamp Barracuda Clamp
SKU: 9.VB5080 / Barracuda Clamp is the real super clamp that delivers more versatility and innovation than any other clamp on the market. Whether round, square, or flat, the Barracuda Clamp will open wider and bite with more force than...
€46.41 *
Net Price €39.00
9.SOLUTIONS Python Double Clamp 9.SOLUTIONS Python Double Clamp
SKU: 9.VP5081D / The Python Double Clamp has two Python Clamps connected on one 3/8” rod. Both clamps can rotate 360 degrees independent of one another
€51.17 *
Net Price €43.00
9.SOLUTIONS Python Clamp 9.SOLUTIONS Python Clamp
SKU: 9.VP5081 / There is more to the Python Clamp than meets the eye. It can be adapted for use with many different accessories used in photo, video, stage, and visual merchandising
€26.18 *
Net Price €22.00
386B-1 Manfrotto Nano Clamp 386B-1
Its reduced size is the most important plus: the Nano Clamp is 4 kg of payload in 110 grams of weight and the right size for any pocket. The Nano Clamp is also a full pack of new technological advances
€41.65 * €44.61 *
Net Price €35.00