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NANLITE PJ-FZ60-19 Projector Mount NANLITE PJ-FZ60-19 Projector Mount
The NANLITE PJ-FZ60-19 Projector Mount has internal shutters for light shaping, and includes a gobo holder with four B-size gobos, a gel frame and a case. Optional accessories include an 18-bladed iris.
€357.00 *
Net Price €300.00
Nanlite FL-20G Fresnel Lens Nanlite FL-20G Fresnel Lens for Forza 300 and 500
Nanlite FL-20G Fresnel Lens for Forza 200, Forza 300 and Forza 500. A glass fresnel lens with an adjustable-length housing that focuses light output. Enables beam angle adjustment from spot (10°) to flood (45°). Includes metal barndoors...
€177.31 *
Net Price €149.00
Aputure Nova P300c Barndoors Aputure Nova P300c Barndoors
The Aputure Nova P300c Barn Doors are a four-leaf light control accessory specially designed for Aputure’s first high-output RGBWW LED panel light, allowing users to quickly minimize excess spill light and adjust the fixture’s...
€201.11 *
Net Price €169.00
Aputure Nova P300c Case Aputure Nova P300c Case
Aputure Nova P300c Case is dedicated for Aputure Nova P300c has Custom Laser-Cut Foam for Nova P300c RGBWW Panel, features retractable Handle and Wheels for Seamless Transportation.
€297.50 *
Net Price €250.00
Aputure 10 GOBO KIT Aputure 10 GOBO KIT
With these B-Size Gobos, filmmakers can easily add more creative designs to their Spotlight Mount arsenal
€70.21 *
Net Price €59.00
Aputure Spotlight Mount Set Aputure Spotlight Mount Set
In addition to allowing the 120d II to produce 10 times its original output, the high-resolution lenses produce an even beam of light, with minimal light falloff on the edges, while maintaining a shift in color temperature of less than...
€558.11 *
Net Price €469.00
Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom
The Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom is a projection modifier designed specifically for the LS 60d & 60x focusing lights, transforming the compact powerhouses into precision lighting tools, complete with sharp cuts, optical zoom, and gobo...
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Net Price €100.00
Aputure Space Light Aputure Space Light
Designed for the Light Storm COB fixtures, the Space Light attachment can be used to create a wide-spread light source that is soft, efficient, and optimally distributed. Equipped with a premium nylon made from the same materials used in...
€60.00 *
Net Price €50.42
Aputure Nova P300c Softbox Aputure Nova P300c Softbox
The Nova P300c Softbox uses a compact rectangular frame that slides perfectly into the P300c’s accessory slot, for quick setups and easy maneuverability
€177.31 *
Net Price €149.00
Aputure F10 Fresnel Aputure F10 Fresnel
The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first Bowens Mount Fresnel on the market made to match the size of traditional 10-inch Fresnel lights like a tungsten 5K, with a 250mm diameter lens made of real glass.
€248.71 *
Net Price €209.00
Aputure F10 Barn Doors Aputure F10 Barn Doors
The Aputure F10 Barn Doors utilizes a large 8-leaf design to properly cut the light from the large aperture of the F10 Fresnel's 10-inch front element. The black reflector dish that comes with the F10 Barn Doors is ideal for users who...
€154.70 *
Net Price €130.00
Aputure Lantern 90 Aputure Lantern 90
With its Bowens Mount, the Lantern pairs well with the high output Point Source lights, like the Aputure LS 600d Pro, as well as all of Aputure’s other Bowens Mount lighting fixtures, including the LS C300d II, LS 300x, and LS C120d II.
€160.00 *
Net Price €134.45
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