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Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End

Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End

SKU: 8075-0087

A 3 foot (91.44 cm) power cable that mates with the PowerTap receptacle in any Gold Mount. Can be used to power any 12-17 volt accessory (wireless mic, hard drive, etc.) from the camera battery. Customer must install connector to match the specific accessory power input. (10 amp. max.).

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Accessory Items

Anton Bauer Powertap kit
Anton Bauer Powertap kit SKU: 8075-0074 Kit includes Male PowerTap components, pins and housing. Cable is NOT included

gross: €15.47
Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi
Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi Male PowerTap to 4 Female PowerTap receptacles. Expands any Gold Mount PowerTap to accommodate up to four separate devices. Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi is perfect for powering multiple wireless receivers, on-board monitors as well as an Ultralight from a single camera battery (10 amp max total).

gross: €95.20
Core SWX D-Tap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF
Core SWX Powertap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF The PTM-3PTF is a powertap breakout cable tripling the number of female powertap outputs available from any battery mount plate. It is perfect for powering multple accessories and can handle up to 10A.

gross: €70.21
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