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Freefly Wave (2TB)

Freefly Wave (2TB)

SKU: 950-00105

Freefly Wave is designed to be the most efficient high-speed camera available. It’s small, light, and insanely fast. It has unique capabilities allowing capture opportunities that were never possible before.

Maximum FPS varies by resolution, but for typical cinema resolutions

  • 4K (4096x2176) - 422fps
  • 2K (2048x1088) - 1,461fps

For scientific applications, by selecting a smaller frame size, Wave can shoot at up to 9,259fps (2048x128). Users can also dial in exact frame rates or use external triggers to synchronize Wave to a rotating or vibrating subject to act as a visual oscilloscope.

Freefly Systems Wave processes up to 3,774,873,600 pixels per second continuously using a lightweight 5:1 compression. It sets a new level of efficient imaging, consuming less than 5nJ/px, or 5mW/(Mpx/s).

Key Features

  • Unlimited Capture time - Clip length is limited only by SSD size/space
  • No Trigger Setup - Push to record, push to stop
  • Mōvi Pro Integration - start/stop recording from 2500ft away
  • Small. Light. Robust. - The perfect little package
  • 1.5 hr runtime - Low average power draw on internal battery + A/C adapter and charger
  • Non-Volatile Storage - Solid State Recording Power-down safe
  • Global Shutter - Say goodbye to rolling shutter artifacts
  • Locking passive universal mount - Can be easily adapted to most lens mounts with simple mechanical adapters

In the box

  • 1 x Wave Camera (2TB SSD)
  • 1 x Camera Charger/AC adapter (US plug but capable of 110/220V)
  • 1 x D-Tap to Wave power adapter
  • 1 x Set of lens mount shims
  • 1 x USB A-C cable
  • 1 x 3.0mm hex drive (straight tip)
  • 1 x Travel Case
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Freefly Ember S5K (4TB)
Freefly Ember S5K SKU: 950-00114 Ember was designed to be the most efficient high speed camera ever. It’s small, light, and insanely fun to use. FREEFLY Ember is unique in that it can record continuous high speed footage with no ram based clip limit since it records directly to a 4TB internal SSD. Ember is as small and simple as possible and focus on an app based workflow. Its faster, easier, and much more powerful. A magical new way to capture high speed imagery. All new Sensor, Chassis, and App designed to go from capture to share as quickly as possible. Ember is a 100mm cube, 800grams, and can shoot 4K 800fps, 5K 600fps. With Ember you simply press the record button, roll as long as you like, then share your best shots right from the app. Shooting high speed is now just like shooting anything else, push record to start and stop, and Ember captures everything to solid state memory - as simple... as that. The Ember app for iOS means you can go from capture to sharing in seconds. Features 5K max resolution at 600fps4K 800fpsGpixel sensorFast iOS based app workflowApple ProRes CodecGlobal ShutterWireless ControlUSB 3.2 Type C In the box 1 x Ember S5K camera body (4TB internal SSD) - Gray body1 x Locking passive universal mount (non-electronic, pre-installed)1 x Rear accessory mount stand-offs (pair)1 x USB C-C 3.0 Cable1 x D-Tap-Ember Power Cable8 x M3 x 10mm SHCS fasteners for accessory mounts

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