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Zacuto LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable

Zacuto LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable


The LP-E6 to D-Tap Power Cable allows you to power anything using a Canon LP-E6 battery with an external power source. Now you can power the line of Zacuto EVFs or your Canon 5D/7D with pro V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries.

  • Input Voltage; 10-24v
  • Output Voltage; 8V
  • Output current; 2A
  • Coiled length 18", extension 48"
  • Emulator chip to convey battery status based on input voltage
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Accessory Items

Core SWX PTC-LPE6 D-tap Cable to Canon LP-E6
Core SWX PTC-LPE6 D-tap Cable to Canon LP-E6 Coiled Powertap Cable to Canon LPE6 battery block, ptap regulated 18" extends to 48" for Canon DSLR devices. Input: DC 11-28vOutput: DC 7.9v, 2AContracted Length: 18"Expanded Length: 48"

gross: €94.01
Core SWX XP-DV-CH Powertap LP-E6 Cable for Canon 5D/7D/60D
Core SWX XP-DV-CH Powertap LP-E6 Cable for Canon DSLR The new XP model DSLR cables are the most versatile cables on the market. The XP-DV-CH features a regulated 7.9v battery paddle (LP-E6 type) for the Canon 5D, 60D,  7D, and 70D cameras and an inline female p-tap connector for 12vdc, housed in an enclosure.  It also includes both red and green LED indication to display battery power status.  The cable can be used in association with a Switronix accessory or used solo with a PRO-X series lithium-ion battery product. Input: DC 11-17vOutput for camera: DC7.9v, 3A directly to Canon DSLR(no additional cable required)Output for P-tap: DC 11-17v, unregulatedGreen LED indication: power inputRed LED indication: camera power outputLength: ok 121 cm

gross: €119.00
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