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Zacuto Canon Y Cable (Zoom and Focus Control) for Canon 18-80 Lens

Zacuto Canon Y Cable


The Zacuto Canon Y Cable for the Canon 18-80 lens splits to provide both zoom and focus control from Canon’s hand controllers. It also gives you an additional 9 inches of cable going toward the back of the camera for studio tripod use with the hand controllers. Made for use with Canon tripod zoom and focus controls.

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Accessory Items

Canon ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip
Canon ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip Exclusively designed for the COMPACT-SERVO lens, the optional Canon ZSG-C10 grip makes it easier to operate the lens, helping to support a wider range of shooting styles. Featuring an ergonomic form factor to help maximize comfort, the angle of the grip can be adjusted to help ensure a proper fit, and it can even be attached to the end of a shoulder rig. Attaching the grip will allow the cinematographer to access a wide range of functions, including a button for one shot auto focus and to start/stop recording. An easily accessible rocker seesaw switch allows you to quickly zoom in or out on a subject. The ZSG-C10 can be also used even when detached from the lens, as long as the grip unit cable is attached to the lens drive unit. The new Canon ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo grip is sure to satisfy professionals with its high-level combination of functionality* and improved usability.

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Zacuto Right Angle Extension cable for Canon 18-80
Zacuto Right Angle Extension cable for Canon 18-80 SKU: Z-C18RC The Zacuto Right Angle Extension cable for Canon 18-80 allows you to extend the relocator cable of the Canon 18-80 lens grip an additional 6” from the lens. The right angle of the cable relieves pressure on the port and keeps the cable from interfering with baseplates or the ground.

gross: €416.50
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