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Zacuto Canon C70 Cage

Zacuto Canon C70 Cage


The Zacuto C70 Cage is our “no-cage” cage - lightweight and compact, and ready to accommodate any shooting style! It includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for a secure and comfortable grip on the camera. The cage also comes with an HDMI strain relief clamp and right angle HDMI adapter. It is compatible with Zacuto's own Arca Swiss- The 'ACT Recoil' to quickly transform from handheld run'n'gun shooting to shoulder-mounted to gimbal and more!

The cage screws into the top and bottom of the camera with provided ¼"-20 screws for a rock solid connection. The top of the cage includes numerous ¼"-20 holes for mounting accessories. It also has built-in Z-Rails for mounting an optional handle or other accessories and features Canon's anti-twist grooves for mounting the camera's proprietary handle.

The built-in Arca Swiss compatible bottom plate has three ¼"-20 threads and one 3/8"-16 thread for mounting a tripod plate or a Zacuto quick release plate. This allows you to move quickly from handheld, to shoulder mount, to tripod shooting.

The cage also features an M6 ARRI rosette on the side for a handgrip, a coldshoe for mounting audio devices or a monitor, multiple ARRI anti-twist 3/8"-16 holes, and the option to relocate the camera's film plane screw to either side of the camera. No matter your style, this cage has you covered.

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8Sinn Cage for Canon C70 V2
8Sinn Cage for Canon C70 V2 SKU: 8-C70 C The 8Sinn Cage for CANON C70 has been designed to provide practicality and safety to your camera, and at the same time, simplify your work. The unique and ergonomic shape of the cage is perfectly adjusted to the camera and provides access to all its features. It is filled with functionality thanks to multiple mounting options provided. There are several 1/4" mounting points and 3/8" mounting points with Arri locating points. There is a cold shoe mount and a built-in Safety NATO Rail, which is an extremely convenient addition to the cage. It allows you to mount NATO system accessories without the need for additional Safety NATO Rail. The cage is mounted to the camera with 3 mounting screws, two at the bottom and one at the top. The bridge that is added on the top of the cage is here to provide even more stability and keep the camera tighter in place. There is one of the cage-to-camera attachment points on it. What’s more, this part of the cage provides compatibility with the original Canon C70 top handle. Dimensions: 48mm x175mm x 108mmWeight: 335g Key features 4-piece cage (pre-assembled)3 points of cage-to-camera attachment (2 x bottom screws, 1x top screw)1/4" mounting points3/8" mounting points with Arri locating pointsM4 mounting points (top front)Built-in Safety NATO RailCold shoe mountAluminum madeCompatible with the original Canon top handleIncludes mounting point for the original Canon top handle (top bracket) 8Sinn HDMI Cable Clamp for 8Sinn Cage for Canon C70 NOT INCLUDED

gross: €214.20
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Kondor Blue Canon C70 Cage with Top Handle
Kondor Blue Canon C70 Cage with Top Handle Modular Design: Each plate can be mounted independently of the rest.  Top Plate: Dual NATO Rails, Bubble Level, 1/4"-20 and ARRI 3/8"-16 Threads, Dual Cold Shoes, Magnetic Tool, Relocated Sensor Plane Marker, Compatible with Original Canon Top Handle and Mic MountSide Plate: 1/4"-20 and ARRI 3/8"-16  Threads, Comfortable Grip, Compatible with Canon Grip StrapBottom Plate: Helicoil Steel Threads, Magnetic Tool, Side Wings with 1/4"-20 Threads, HDMI Protection, Front M4 Threads for our Lens Support. Compatible with our Bridge Plate for a Perfect 85MM Height from the Rods. Top Handle Features Start/Stop Record Button. Supports both Sony LANC and Panasonic Protocols Providing Compatibility for Most Cameras such as Z Cam, Blackmagic, Fuji, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC etc.Five 3/8" Threaded Holes with ARRI Locator Pins for Antitwist Accessories such as our Mini Quick Release PlatesOver Eighteen 1/4" Hole Options for Mounting Accessories15mm Side Rod Support for EVF or MonitorsCold Shoe Mounts on Each End of the HandleMounted via Nato Rail and can also Slide on to Both Left and Right Sides of CageComfortable and Ergonomic Grip Design

gross: €427.21
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