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Wooden Camera UVF Mount (NATO Jaws Only)

Wooden Camera UVF Mount (NATO Jaws Only)

SKU: 214600

Wooden Camera UVF Mount (NATO Jaws Only) is just the clamping NATO Jaws found on the complete UVF Mount (NATO Jaws) System. It is great for attaching EVFs like the SmallHD Sidefinder to an existing UVF kit.


Weight: 90.7 g
Dimensions: 50.8 x 76.2 x 25.4 mm

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Wooden Camera UVF Mount (NATO Jaws, No Clamp)
Wooden Camera UVF Mount (NATO Jaws, No Clamp) SKU: 214400 The Universal Viewfinder Mount (NATO Jaws, No Clamp) is a version of the popular UVF Mount v2 without the 15mm Tube Clamp portion. This kit works great with NATO Handle (Plus) which has an integrated 15mm clamp. Wooden Camera UVF Mount attaches EVFs with NATO standard rails like the SmallHD Sidefinder and allows for three points of adjustment: 15mm tube for tilt and distance to the camera, NATO thumbscrew (identified by red component) for positioning on NATO rail, and tension thumbscrew to adjust tilt of EVF. Tool-less design allows quick installation and removal of UVF v2 Sled. Safety pin prevents accidental removal. Perfect for SmallHD Sidefinder Specifications Weight 136 gDimensions 38.10 mm x 203.20 mm x 228.60 mm

gross: €422.45
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