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Wooden Camera Top Plate (Sony BURANO)

Top Plate (Sony BURANO)

SKU: A00531

The Top Plate securely mounts to the Sony BURANO using four 1/4”-20 screws and adds multiple 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points along the top and sides of the BURANO.

This 2 plate design of this Top Plate ensures that it can be used in tandem with the SONY PWX-FX9 Top Handle by removing the inner insert and securing the handle directly to the camera. The Top Plate also has mounting locations for the stock BURANO carry handle.

The Top Plate for Sony BURANO is compatible with the Front Dual Rod Clamp (Sony BURANO) and EVF System (Sony BURANO).

  • Included Items: 3/16” Hex Key 3mm Hex Key
  • Weight: 535.24 g
  • Dimensions: 162 x 120 x 19 mm

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MID49 Top Plate (Sony Burano)
MID49 Top Plate (Sony Burano) SKU: M49-CAG-SON-TOP Top Plate (Sony Burano) attaches to the top of the camera and provides 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes with ARRI accessory pins, M4x20mm ARRI standard threaded holes, 1/4-20 holes for the Burano's included handle and the optional FX9 control handle. When using the FX9 handle, an upcoming connector bridge will be available from MID49 and attach to the rear opening on the top plate. Center ARCA dovetail clamp allows for attachment of the ARCA Top Handle, ARCA Top Plate, and Gimbal Adapter Plates for quick change between handheld and studio modes. Side 3/8-16 ARRI accessory mounts can accept Cage NATO Side Arm (ARRI 3/8-16) for cage building. Burano tape hook and cable guide can be removed and installed on the top plate.

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Vocas Top Cheese Plate with Integrated Dovetail for Sony Burano
Vocas Top Cheese Plate for Sony Burano SKU: 0350-1800 Introducing the Vocas Top Cheese Plate with Integrated Dovetail, engineered for the Sony Burano cinema camera. Crafted for professionals, this plate offers a host of innovative features. Integrated Dovetail for Effortless Adaptability At its core is a 150mm (5.9") integrated dovetail, optimized for seamless attachment and detachment of the Vocas Universal Sliding Top Handle (0350-1420) and Centre Bracket (0350-1432). This streamlines your workflow, boosting speed and precision. Versatile Thread Options for Accessories Enjoy creative freedom with ten 3/8" and twenty-five 1/4" threads, all featuring pin-locks for secure accessory mounting. Original Sony Top Handle Compatibility Opt for the original Sony top handle, relocating the tophandle 15mm (0.6") towards the front of the camera, enhancing control and comfort without compromising stability. Adapt to Any Scenario with Optional Viewfinder Solutions Mount the Vocas 15mm LWS Universal Clamping Block (0350-2010) at the front of the cheese plate for alternative viewfinder setups or lens motor support, ensuring readiness for diverse shooting situations. Expand Your Creative Toolkit On the plate's right side, you'll find the option to mount the compact Vocas Side Plate for Sony Burano (0350-1820), providing additional accessory space. Retain the camera's measure tape pin and cable clamp by re-attaching them to this plate. Lightweight, Durable, Professional Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Vocas Top Cheese Plate maintains durability while weighing just 214g (7.6oz), ensuring a lightweight camera setup for on-the-go professionals.

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Chrosziel Top-Plate with 15mm rods for Sony Burano
Chrosziel Top-Plate with 15mm rods for Sony Burano SKU: 401-BUR-TOP Chrosziel offers a versatile two-unit top plate that seamlessly integrates with various handles, such as the Sony Burano top handle, Sony FX9 top handle, and the Chrosziel universal handle. This incredible flexibility allows users to effortlessly tailor their camera setup to their specific shooting style and personal preferences. Chrosziel Top-Plate for Sony Burano, built-in Ø15mm rod support, with integrated mounting points 1/4" and 3/8", pair of Ø15mm rods - 9cm / 3.55inch with internal thread (extendable). The top-plate is split into two parts allowing the use of either the standard Sony Burano Top Handle or the Sony FX9 Top Handle with built-in electronics for maximum Run&Gun shooting. 401-BUR-TOP: THE CHERRY ON THE SONY Burano “CAKE” The Top Plate comes with rod support in standard optical height, numerous 3/8″ & 1/4″ fastening points with ARRI anti-twist safeguard and an optical marker for attaching a measuring tape. Additionally the top plate inherits various mounting points to move the Sony Burano cable clamps to the desired position.

gross: €699.72
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