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Wooden Camera Gimbal Battery Bracket Only (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven)

Wooden Camera Gimbal Battery Bracket Only (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven)

SKU: 221000

Gimbal Battery Bracket (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven) attaches directly to the side of the RED Weapon, Scarlet Weapon, or Raven camera using four M3 captured screws and provides mounting points for standard V-Mount and Gold Mount battery plates.

The red colored lever allows the record and power button to remain functional while the bracket is installed. This product is ideal for use with the RED Base Expander Module, Jetpack, and upcoming Wooden Camera power module where the standard DSMC LEMO power input is present. V-Mount and Gold Mount plates can be attached in many ways, all of which are engraved onto the product itself. This includes positions right side up, upside down, sideways, etc.

Wooden Camera Gimbal Battery Bracket is recommended to use with this product are the WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet), WC Gold Mount (Epic/Scarlet), and Power Extension Cables.

Gimbal Bracket Includes

4 x m3x8mm phillips screws
4 x m3x12mm phillips screws

Gimbal Battery Bracket Specifications

Weight 90.7 g
Dimensions 25.4 mm x 101.6 mm x 177.8 mm

TOP-Handles - Camera cages - Camera plates - Camera brackets  -  Matte box - Battery plates - Power cables

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Wooden Camera WC V-Mount (Epic / Scarlet)
Wooden Camera WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet) SKU: 167000 Wooden Camera WC V-Mount plate utilizing an IDX V-Mount and RED Epic/Scarlet LEMO connector. This plate is wired correctly to display RED Brick and smart V-mount battery percentage on displays. 8" cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera. Design allows minimal cable excess while still being able to reach additional modules when necessary. 2x D-Tap ports for accessory power. WC V-Mount Mounting Options To mount the WC V-Mount onto the back of the Epic/Scarlet one of these items is required Quick Back v2 - a quick release plate that can attach to the back of the brain or any RED moduleFixed Back - a bolt on battery mount that can only attach to the brain

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