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Wooden Camera EVF Plate for SONY BURANO


SKU: A00586

Open up the mounting options for the Sony BURANO’s EVF by adding the EVF Plate to your build. Designed for the inevitable repositioning of the EVF from its original location, add a Bolt-On Accessory Rail Clamp anywhere on the Top Plate, Ultra Handle System or Side Rails. This plate utilizes multiple Accessory Rails as mounting options, and allows you to adjust the EVF position to suit the needs of the job.

  • Included Items: 4x 60mm Accessory Rails, 3/16” Hex Key
  • Weight: 124.74 g
  • Dimensions: 133 x 16 x 81 mm

TOP-Handles - Camera cages - Camera plates - Camera brackets  -  Matte box - Battery plates - Power cables

Products from american producer Wooden Camera that offers useful solution for your video-audio equipment. The range of product concenrs


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Wooden Camera EVF System (Sony BURANO)
EVF System (Sony BURANO)SKU: A00575Utilizing a newly designed Universal 15mm Rod Clamp, the EVF System introduces a modular way of mounting the EVF. Attach the Sony BURANO EVF to the bracket via a 1/4”-20 screw, allowing the 2.5mm threads across the back and sides to be used for accessories like our Accessory Rails. The Universal EVF Accessory Rail Swivel Clamp is fully rotatable and allows the user to determine the optimal location. Push button safeties help keep the EVF secure to the system while offering a quick release function, in case removal is necessary. An additional mounting option is included for users to mount the EVF system using the Accessory Rails to an Accessory Bolt-On Clamp for placement anywhere around the camera for when traditional EVF use is not needed.Weight: 308.90 gDimensions: 125 x 170 x 82 mmIncluded ItemsUniversal 15mm Rod ClampEVF Plate for Sony BURANOUniversal EVF Swivel ArmUniversal EVF Accessory Rail Swivel ClampAccessory Rail Bolt-On Clamp

gross: €595.00
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