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Vocas Canon R-mount to LPL adapter

Vocas Canon R-mount to LPL adapter

SKU: 0900-0119

R-mount to LPL adapter, excluding 15 mm rail support. This adapter allows the use of LPL lenses on R-mount cameras. The separate Vocas LPL mount cap is included.

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Vocas L-mount to LPL adapter
Vocas L-mount to LPL adapter SKU: 0900-0118 L-mount to LPL adapter, excluding 15 mm rail support. This adapter allows the use of LPL lenses on L-mount cameras. The separate Vocas LPL mount cap is included.

gross: €552.16
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Wooden Camera Canon RF to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter
Wooden Camera Canon R Mount to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter SKU: 276600 Canon R Mount to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter allows ARRI LPL Signature Prime Lenses to be used with Canon R Mount cameras. Other LPL lenses like Leica Thalia LPL are also compatible. The 1/4-20 threaded hole on the bottom reduces strain on the camera mount by attaching to a tripod or the vertical lens support hole on the Unified DSLR Cage. LPL Cap included to prevent dust from entering sensor area when lens is not attached. A third tab is included for use with mount when not installed in a DSLR cage.  In our factory, we set the flange focus using collimation tools. You only need to adjust the shims should you find that your camera is out of calibration. The adapter is shimmable by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding color coded shims of various thickness. Back focus should be checked using collimation tools or a wide lens focused to infinity. ARRI's LPL to PL Adapter is also compatible, allowing easy change from standard PL lenses to LPL lenses. LPL Mount is passive and does not communicate lens data to the camera. Shim Setstackable to achieve necessary thickness Silver .0127mm (0.0005")Amber .0254mm (0.001")Purple .0381mm (0.0015")Red .0508mm (0.002")Green .0762mm (0.003")Tan .1016mm (0.004")Blue .127mm (0.005") Specifications Weight: 216g Dimensions: 81.8 mm x 81.8 mm x 46.5 mm

gross: €654.50

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Vocas PL and LPL adapter support for RED V-RAPTOR
Vocas PL and LPL adapter support for RED V-RAPTOR SKU: 0900-0035 This bracket attaches directly to your RED V-RAPTOR camera and provides firm support for your Vocas Canon R-mount to LPL adapter (0900-0119) or Vocas Canon R-mount to PL adapter (0900-0018). Lens adapters not included. Lens mount: LPLBody mount: PLPre shimmed: YesWeight: 126 gr

gross: €260.61
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Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body)
Canon EOS R Canon EOS R is apioneering full-frame mirrorless camera that sets new standards. A full-frame 30.3 Megapixel sensor with impressive detail, ISO performance and Dual Pixel CMOS AF. Alongside the new RF lenses, Canon EOS R offers the ultimate shooting experience to take your storytelling further. Canon EOS R sets the standard for the smaller, lighter full-frame camera of tomorrow. Inside its customisable magnesium alloy body are new levels of EOS performance. With a high-speed and wide lens mount, Canon EOS R is an interchangeable lens camera that’s compatible with the new era of RF lenses which have been designed to work at the optimum distance from a full-frame sensor. This combination of high performance optics and a pioneering lens mount form a truly creative camera that pushes forward the frontiers of photography and filmmaking. See and capture more, with a sensor built around precision The Canon EOS R boasts a full-frame 30.3 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor which focuses without compromise thanks to its advanced phase detection system, DIGIC 8 processing and in-camera Digital Lens Optimizer. Enjoy the world of EOS with a range of special accessories For photographers and filmmakers who already own a range of EF and EF-S lenses, the Canon EOS R offers full compatibility via an adapter with no loss of performance or quality. Canon’s Speedlite flash range offers flexible and creative lighting possibilities while EOS accessories open the door to greater creativity. The perfect blend of handling and great design Canon EOS R has the same comfortable handgrip found on EOS DSLRs and coupled with a high degree of customisation. Innovations such as a multi-function touch bar, a high resolution electronic viewfinder and Vari-angle screen, makes it a camera designed to perform effortlessly and intuitively. Connect, upload and share anywhere The Canon EOS R has been designed for photographers and filmmakers on the move. Always-on low energy Bluetooth allows a smartphone to be paired and built-in Wi-Fi allows instant share to cloud services. For additional creative capture, remote shooting and tethering offers even greater freedom. Tell your stories in 4K video and fill the screen with detail Filmmakers will love Canon EOS R just as much as stills photographers. Thanks to advanced levels of control, it’s a highly accomplished filmmaking tool.

gross: €1,999.20
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