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SHAPE Montreal Combo Black Wheels

SHAPE Montreal Combo Black Wheels


The SHAPE Montreal Combo Black Wheels are made of steel components and are designed to fit 1’’ x 1’’ stand legs. They included a soft braking system meaning you can gently push on the brake to slow down the unit until its desired position and then they can be locked in place by fully pushing on the brake. The wheels are made of non-marking material to protect floors and they come in a set of 3.

  • Fits 1’’ x 1’’ Stand legs
  • Made of sturdy steel components
  • Brakes included (soft braking system)
  • Wheels can be locked
  • Wheels made of non-marking material
  • Come in a set of 3
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SHAPE Low Boy Double Riser Stand Black/Chrome 6’9’’
SHAPE Low Boy Double Riser Stand SKU: LBDR6 The SHAPE low boy double riser stand with square Legs has a black/chrome finish, has a maximum height of 212 cm tall, and can support up to 32.5 Kg of equipment. The main tubes are made of very sturdy stainless and has unique aluminum locking collars and knobs. The legs are square, and are made of very solid steel. At the top, is mounted a Posi-V-Lock female receiver which includes an adjustable standard 750 / 5/8’’ / 16mm stud for added stability and flexibility. Additionally, the stand has a unique feature: an extendable leg (Rocky mountain) that can slide and adjust to help balance load and accommodate uneven terrain or surfaces. The width of its footprint is 78.74 cm to ensure stability. Unique Aluminum Collar Locks to withstand a heavier payload capacityMin Height: 101.5 cmMax Height: 212 mDamped springs risers to prevent hand pinching between sectionsCaptive knobs to prevent loss of partsEquipped with universal 1/1/8’’ Posi-V-Lock female receiver with 5/8’’ adjustable studStands by itself when legs are in a closed positionFeaturing Nut&Bolt construction, no rivets to break for easier maintenanceTwin leg bracing for better stabilityRemovable Rubber Feet included

gross: €345.10
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