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Shape CP33IDX Multipurpose mounting cheese plate with IDX

Shape CP33IDX

The SHAPE CP33 Cheese Plate with IDX Plate is a 15 mm rod-mount cheese plate with an IDX V-Mount battery plate screwed onto one side. The plate is 1/4″ thick and features 33 threaded holes for accessories to be screwed into. These holes run end to end, from one side of the plate to the other. Four of the holes are 10/32″ and the rest are 1/4″ and 3/8″. The IDX plate covers many of the holes from one side, but you can still screw into these holes from the other side as long as the screws are not much longer than the 1/4″ thickness of the plate. The holes at the very corners of the plate are untouched by the IDX plate and can be used to attach accessories or devices like AJA Ki Pro Mini. Screws are included for a Ki Pro Mini and for an Anton Bauer battery plate. The cheese plate is precision-machined as one piece.

  • Multi-purpose 33-hole cheese plate (1/4” thick)
  • Mounted on a 15 mm SHAPE ROD BLOC 3/4” thick)
  • Precision machined in one piece for durability
  • Screwed IDX plate on SHAPE CHEESE PLATE
  • Mount various accessories and devices
  • Four (10/32”) threaded holes on each side
  • Several (1/4 – 20” and 3/8 – 16”) threaded holes
  • Made of anodized aluminum
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Shape CP33 Multi-Purpose Mounting Cheese Plate
Shape CHEESE PLATE CP33 SKU: CP33 SHAPE CHEESE PLATE CP33 is a multi-purpose anodized aluminum camera accessory mounting plate. Shape CP33 features This precision-machined, one-piece cheese plate is mounted on a 15mm ROD BLOC (¾” thick) for optimal stabilityThe 33-hole SHAPE cheese plate (¼” thick) enables you to mount a variety of accessories and devices on your camera rigHere are some of the more common accessories used with the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE: rods, articulating arms to hold LCD monitors and converter boxes including the AJA Ki Pro MiniYou can attach a plate and battery on one side and an AJA Ki Pro Mini on the otherSHAPE CHEESE PLATE works with both Anton Bauer 3-Stud and IDX V-Mount style batteriesYou can use the SHAPE MULTI-PURPOSE MOUNTING CHEESE PLATE to mount a variety of accessories, brick style batteries and battery platesThe battery plate and battery mounted on the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE can also be used as counterbalanceYou can still add more counterbalance by attaching counter-weights to the back of the rig along with the SHAPE CHEESE PLATEOne single red knob enables easy and fast adjustments of the plate on the 15mm rods to also counterbalance the camera supportMagic arms can be mounted directly into the 15mm holes of the plateThey are ideal for mounting lights, monitors and audio devices. The SHAPE CHEESE PLATE includes 4 x screws needed to mount the AJA Ki Pro Mini4 x screws for the IDX plate4 x screws for the Anton Bauer plate

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