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SHAPE 40’’ C-Stand Sliding Leg Black

SHAPE C-Stand Sliding Leg Black


The SHAPE 40’’ C-Stand with sliding leg combines a black anodized aluminum finish with a black powder coating, has a maximum height of 296 cm tall, and can support up to 11 kg of equipment. It is made of durable aluminum and has unique aluminum locking collars and knobs. A 40’’ inch arm with a grip head is included and can be attached on the second grip head, mounted on the C-stand. This C-stand is ideal for placing bounce cards, color gels, flags and silks in front of light sources. Lights and other accessories can also be installed. It has a sliding leg for uneven surfaces and comes with removable rubber feet. The C-stands will nest with others of its kind to save valuable space.

  • Unique Aluminum Collar Locks to withstand a heavier payload capacity
  • Load capacity: 11 kg
  • Min Height: 140 cm
  • Max Height: 296 cm
  • Damped springs risers to prevent hand pinching between sections
  • Captive knobs to prevent loss of parts
  • Grip heads and arm included
  • C-stands will nest to save valuable space
  • Sliding leg for uneven surfaces
  • Removable rubber feet included
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