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RigWheels PT-Zero Wall Mounting Bracket

RigWheels PT-Zero Wall Mounting Bracket


The PT-Zero Wall Mounting Bracket provides approximately 12,7cm of clearance behind the camera for cabling/clearance purposes. The plate that attaches to the wall is flush mount and does not have any screws/bolts protruding. Our pipe clamps can be added when necessary.

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RigWheels PT-Zero Vibration Isolator Hanging
RigWheels PT-Zero Vibration Isolator Hanging SKU: PT-Z-H The PT-Zero greatly improves on the performance of our original PTZ isolators by adding new isolation / damping components which provide 3X more isolation. The PT-Zero uses more than 30 new isolation components to deliver amazing resultsMore options tailored for PTZ cameras to get your camera in the ideal spotPre-assembled components make installation and optimization more intuitive for users and systems integratorsThe optimal weight range of 8-12 lb is easy to achieve with additional weights available for smaller camerasPrecision machined parts made in the USA provide unmatched build quality for PTZ camera installation The PT-Zero Hanging configuration is the option that provides the best possible isolation for your PTZ Camera. The isolator is configured for a target weight range of 8-12 pounds. Lighter cameras can be used but for best performance, our weights should be added to fall into the target weight range. The isolator ships assembled and other accessories like the wall mounting bracket can be added based on you’re installation requirements.

gross: €831.81
RigWheels PT-Zero Vibration Isolator Upright
RigWheels PT-Zero Upright The PT-Zero looks similar to the previous PTZ isolators however, there is a lot more isolation happening. We’ve added more than 30 new isolation components which dramatically increases the degree of isolation possible. We’ve also added more mounting and positioning options. We’ve made it much more easy to install the PT-Zero than the previous isolators. The PT-Zero uses a target weight range of 3,62-5,44 kg. Certainly, there are lots of quality PTZ cameras that are lighter than this so we have created weights that can be added to get to the target weight. The RigWheels PT-Zero isolator sections ship fully or partially assembled (depending on the option selected) and the other wall brackets and mounting accessories can be added on easily. In some scenarios, it’s necessary or convenient to place the PTZ camera on top of a surface or stand. With the newly added isolation components, we now also get exceptional results with the “camera-on-top” position and can offer this configuration for more installation options.

gross: €712.81
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