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PATONA Dual V-Mount Charger (4-Pin XLR cable)

PATONA Dual V-Mount Charger

The PATONA Dual V-Mount charger f. Sony is able to charge two batteries, simultaneously, quickly and independently of each other. It doesn´t matter if the two batteries have the same capacity. This device has a DC XLR-Output where compatible third party devices can be operated and charged. If the XLR output is used, the batteries can´t be charged at the same time. The charger can also be used as a backup power supply without AC power connection. Furthermore the XLR connector can be used to power a third-party device when charged batteries are inserted. The integrated, microcontroller-guided charging technology automatically detects the required voltage of the inserted battery and prevents overcharging or overheating. The charger has a wing stand to maintain a compact design that nevertheless a secure stand is guaranteed. This V-mount system for batteries is a standard that will probably be used more and more in cameras and camcorders the next years. This charger is compatible with all batteries based on the V-Mount system. Important information like Connected AC mains connection, inserted batteries and charging or discharging of connected batteries are shown by multicolor LEDs.

Technical specifications

Input: AC 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz 2A (max)
Output: DC 16.5V / 4.5A (4 pin XLR connector)
Output: 16.8V / 3A x1 | 16.8V / 2A x2

In the box

1x Dual V-Mount charger
1x power cable
1x 3m 4 pin XLR cable

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Accessory Items

PATONA Premium BP-190WS 190Wh V-Mount battery pack
PATONA Premium Li-Ion 14.4V 1320mAh 190Wh battery pack High capacity 13200mAh / 14,4V / 190,1Wh (maximum power: 252Wh)Output USB: 5,0V / 2,1AD-Tap output: 10V-16,8VConnector Type: V-MountType: Li-IonNumber of cells: 16 Maximum current: 15AWeight: 1040gr Dimensions: 96x152x53mmBrand: PATONA Compatible part number Sony BP150w, BP-150w, BPGL65, BP-GL65, BPGL95, BP-GL95, BPGL95A, BP-GL95A Compatible model number SonyDSR 250P, 600P, 650P, 652PHDW 800PPDW 850 DSR-250P, DSR-600P, DSR-650P, DSR-652P, HDW-800P, PDW-850

gross: €190.40
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Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Li-Ion V-Mount Battery 14,8V / 6,6Ah / 99Wh (with USB and D-tap)
Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Axcom U-SVLO-99-UD Features 14.8 V / 6.6 Ah / 99 Wh5-way LED capacity indicatorCells from SamsungWith Anton Bauer connector and 2.3 mm socketBuilt-in safeguards against overload, short circuit, over-dischargeUSB Output: 5V / 2.1A General Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.47 cm x 4.83 cm x 14.13 cmWeight 700 g

gross: €177.31
PATONA Premium BP-95WS 95Wh Battery V-Mount
PATONA Premium BP-95WS 95Wh Battery V-Mount High capacity 6600mAh / 14,4V / 95WhOutput USB: 5,0V / 2,1AD-Tap output: 10V-16,8VConnector Type: V-MountType: Li-IonNumber of cells: 8 (Sanyo / Panasonic / LG) Maximum current: 10AWeight: 581gDimensions: 96 mm x 152 mm x 53 mm

gross: €154.70

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HEDBOX HED-DC150V The HED-DC150V is a Digital LCD Dual battery charger that conveniently charges two professional batteries simultaneously. Using the latest battery charging technologies, with zero-volt charging activation, allows you to charge two batteries at the same time saving you both time and money. The LCD display with blue backlight illuminations provides a clear, accurate, and precise display of power and charging status. Equipped with extra support stands, greater stability is provided when charging only one battery. Using the dedicated Hedbox DC Power Cable RPC-DC4X4 4-pin XLR female to male, the HED-DC150V becomes a powerful power bank station. Features LCD Display Screen with Back-lightPower Bank ModeCharging TechnologyConstant Current & Impulse VoltageIntegrated locking support standDC Out 16.5V, 4.5A / 75W Technical data AC Power In: AC 110 – 240V , 50/60HzBattery Mount: V-Lock and V Mount Battery PlatePower Consumption: Max 85WDC Power Out: DC 16.5V / 4.5A / 75W (max)Power Bank Out: DC 16.5V / 4.5A / 75WCharging Type: Ni-CD , Ni-MH , Li-IonOperating Temperature: –20°C to +45°CDimensions (WxDxH): 124 x 114 x 445 mmWeight: 1.2 Kg In the box 1 x HED-DC150V LCD Dual Battery Charger1 x RPC-DC4X4 DC 4Pin XLR Power Cable 2m1 x 110V – 220V AC Power Cord1x User Manual (English)

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Axcom SM-CPVM-2 2-Slot V-Mount Battery Charger
Axcom SM-CPVM-2 2-Slot V-Mount Battery Charger of the german manufacturer axcom with 2 slots to charge two V-Mount batteries simultaneously. With a 4 Pin XLR Output (60W 15V 4.0A). The weight is 1kg. Axcom SM-CPVM-2 includes charger, mains cable, XLR extension cable and manual. Input: 90V - 240VOutput for V-Mount Batteries: 16.8V 2.65AOutput 4 Pin XLR: 60W 15V 4.0A Charging times 4.4Ah approximately 2,5 hours6.6Ah approximately 3,8 hours8.8Ah approximately 5,0 hours11Ah approximately 6,3 hours13,2Ah approximately 7,6 hours

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HedBox RP-DC100V Dual Simulatius UPS Battery Charger
HedBox RP-DC100V This intelligent charger for Digital Camera and Camcorder Batteries was designed with advanced power charging technology, allowing you to charge your Professional Batteries at Studio place, or at the home. The HedBox RP-DC100 Charger is compatible with Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries that run on power voltage of 14.4V to 148V. Features Charge a Professional Battery Pack that run on 14.4V to 14.8VSupply Power for Professional Studio Cameras, LED Light, Field Recorders etcLED Displays the battery ON, Charging Status, Power Status and BackUp Power Supply Status, with red, blue and green colorsProvide constant Output voltage of: 16.5V / 4.5A ; 75WWorldwide use with input between 100-240VWith advanced MCU Micro-Computer Chip control, charger fully control the charging process of the Li-Ion Professional Battery With CH1 or CH2 Battery attached to the unit, on DC Out provide BackUp Power Supply UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) in case of AC Power failure100,000 level of Anti-Static design, High Temperature and Fire-Proof crust makes it saferPassed MBTR 5000H test and own its patent with more reliable quality warranty Specs AC Input: AC 100-240V / 50-60HzDC Out: 16.5V / 4.5A ; 75WCharger Out: Single Battery Charging Mod:CH1 (L) or CH2 (R): 16.8V / 3.0A±400mAhDual Battery Charging Mod: CH1 (L) and CH2 (R): 16.8V / 2.0A±400mAhOutput Connection: 4 Pin XLR (Female)Operating Temp.: -10 to 40 CDimensions: 225 x 141 x 100mmWeight: 1200g

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Core SWX X2 Mini Charger V-Mount (GPM-X2S)
Core SWX X2 Mini Charger V-Mount SKU: GPM-X2S The Core SWX X2 Mini is a super compact charger with an upright design and a lightweight, plastic housing. It offers a simultaneous 1.5A charging as well a “Fleet Rapid Charge” bay. When only needing to charge one battery pack, place it on the rapid charge channel for a 3A charge, and take advantage of the Fleet series charge time (one 98wh pack in under 2.5hrs). Trickle charge maintenance program ensures the batteries are always at maximum capacity. Technical data Input: 100V-240VAC 50/60Hz Charge current: One battery 3A, 2 batteries simultaneous 1.5A Size: 11,43 cm x 13,97 cm x 7,62 cm Weight: 50 g

gross: €273.70
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IDX VL-2X 2 Channel Sequential V-Mount Charger
IDX VL-2X Featuring ‘Recovery Charge’ mode, the VL-2X will safely charge low voltage batteries by applying a low amperage ‘pre-charge’ current until the batery voltage reaches a level safe enough for higher charge currents; this feature minimizes cell damage when charging low voltage batteries. The charger is designed with an external AC adaptor allowing for a fanless and silent operation. The eco-friendly charger supports automatic power-management - a feature that powers down the charger when inactive. The durable, compact, and feather weight design makes the IDX VL-2X the perfect travel charger for shooters on the go. Highlights Compact, lightweightSequential (one at a time) chargingIntegrated DC power supplyAdvanced fanless design

gross: €309.40
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Core SWX GP-LS V-Mount Single position charger
Core SWX GP-LS Single position charger MultiChemistry (NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion) and includes a 90w 12vdc Camera Power Supply. Max DC Output: 90wMax DC output while charging: 60w Core SWX GP-LS Single position charger combines all the features of a single position charger with the ability to act as an on-camera power supply simultaneously. When a battery is mounted, the GP-LS offers continuous power even if AC is interrupted.Includes LED charge indication and a built -in 4P XLR output. Technical data Quick Charge Current 2.0ASize 16.51 cm x 11.43 cm x 5.84 cmWeight 0.91 kgInput Voltage Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

gross: €595.00
PATONA 4 position V-Mount charger
PATONA 4 position V-Mount charger With this parallel charger you can charge up to 4 V-Mount batteries (with 3 Ampere each) at the same time. Furthermore, it can be used in power supply mode with devices to 60 Watts. The charger has a strong outer material made of black painted metal as well as a practical carrying handle. On top of that, into the front is a XLR 4-pin DC Power output integrated. Through this one, the charger can also be used as power supply for LED lights, camcorders or monitors. Other devices can also be operated with it, provided that these are working with a voltage of 15 volts and a maximum power of 4 amps. This power supply function is activated with a three-way toggle switch. In power supply mode, the adoption of the charging function is unfortunately not possible. In contrast of a sequential charger, the parallel charger has great advantages in sophisticated film productions. You can have lunch for an hour, while you're charging all four PATONA V95 V-Mount batteries at the same time comfortably. All four charged batteries reach a capacity about 50% during this time. With a sequential charger, only one of the four batteries would be charged to 50%. The three others would have not received any charge. Of course, this do not happen without a power loss. This is conducted as warm air through a fan from the charger. Technical Data Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60HzOutput: DC 15V / 4A (4 Pin XLR-Anschluss)Output: 16,8V / 3AWeight: 2,7kggold-plated contactscharge indicator In the box 4-fold V-Mount charger 1x mains cable EU / UK 1x 4 Pin XLR cable

gross: €464.10
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