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FREEFLY Alta X 950-00118-01


Freefly ALTA X is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding cinematic, professional, and industrial applications. Completely redesigned from the ground up, ALTA X is the next generation of the ALTA family. Built for the user, ALTA X emphasizes expandability and customization to make sure it can stand up to all challenges thrown its way, while still being the reliable workhorse drone that ALTA pilots know and love.

Worlds Toughest Drone

Introducing the world's toughest drone: ALTA X. We’re confident in ALTA X because we push it to the limit, and then well past - over and over again so that we know our customers will have plenty of margin in the unpredictable real world.

Flight Time

An effort to make ALTA X as light as possible allows ALTA X to fly MōVI Carbon (20lb payload) for 25 minutes, or a max payload for 8 minutes. Smaller payload flight times can exceed 40 minutes


ALTA X can carry up to a 35lb payload while maintaining a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio.


Four ActiveBlades reduce the motor vibrations to 1/5th the normal level. This innovative solution to reduce vibrations increases the lifetime of ALTA X and helps keep any payload stable.


Never worry about keeping up with the action again, ALTA X has a top speed of over 60mph (95km/h), just make sure that the action can keep up with ALTA X!

Easy Deployment

No assembly required! Using a clever rotating planar linkage ALTA X folds and unfolds with ease! This revolutionary feature allows ALTA X to go from case to flight within minutes, reducing setup time and minimizing the risk of misassembly on the job.


ALTA X folds to 30% of its full size to fit in the same case as ALTA 8 while still being able to carry 175% ALTA 8’s payload. This case is TSA approved and has been tested to ensure ALTA X arrives to location ready to go!

Flight Modes

High quality sensors and GPS modules allow ALTA X to maintain its position and height even in the most unfavorable weather conditions providing assurances during autonomous waypoint missions and piloted flights.

External Power

Five user accessible power expansions allow ALTA X to power any accessories or payloads you need to do the job.


Designed with the future in mind, ALTA X is modular and easily expandable to adapt to ever changing technology. This expandability ensures that ALTA X will continue to be state-of-the-art even after years of service.

Easy Integration

ALTA X is designed to be a platform that can be customized for any aerial need; from cinema, to forestry, and bridge inspection, ALTA X is a versatile tool ready for any challenge.

External Computer

Some drone applications require real time onboard computing; ALTA X has the necessary mounts, power, and I/O so it can be upgraded with an external computer.

User repairable

In order to keep ALTA X in the field as much as possible all ALTA X parts can be bought as spares and replaced onsite. Of course we will still offer factory checkups and repair services should they be needed!

Customer Service

Like all Freefly products, ALTA X is backed by a team of experts ready to answer any questions and make sure you get the job done.

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gross: €80,920.00

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gross: €23,800.00
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