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Falcon Eyes RX-836-K1 Flexibel RGB LED Panel

Falcon Eyes RX-836-K1

The Falcon Eyes Flexible RGB LED Panel RX-836-K1 112x46.5 cm is a flexible LED light for both video and photo shooting, which you can also control with your smartphone (Android / iOS). The LED mat can be folded into any angle, runs on both battery and mains power and provides a power output of up to 150W. This multi-deployability makes the lamp ideal for every creative photographer or cameraman.

The lamp is equipped with 2x 384 small LED lights, which together provide an output of 150 Watts. Because of the high CRI value of 95, you can always count on natural colours. You can set the colour temperature yourself from 2800K (warm yellow light) to 5600K (daylight) and 10.000K (bright blue light), and everything in between. In addition, you can also determine the power of the lamp yourself. If you want to adjust the colour composition slightly differently, that's no problem either. The RX-836-K1 has an RGB mode, which allows you to mix the colours yourself. In addition, you have access to pre-programmed theme effects and gel filters from Rosco and Lee. Finally, you can also use the included accessories to soften the light (softbox) or control more (honeycomb).

Technical data

LED : 576pcs x 0.5W (Daylight) / 576pcs x 1.5W (RGB)
Output Wattage : 200W
Color Temperature : 2800K - 10000K / RGB
Operating Voltage : AC 110-240V
Dimming : 0-100% Stepless Dimming / 0-255 Saturation Dimming
Beam Angle : 64 degree
CRI : Ra 95 / TLCI : 93
LUX (5600K with diffusor) : 0.5M 10700 / 1M 3720 / 2M 1090
Size: 1225 x 465mm
Weight : 2.85kg control box / 1.45kg mat
Included Accessories :  Softbox / Grid / Case

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Accessory Items

Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1 Flexibel RGB LED Panel
Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1 The all new ROLL-FLEX 8-series is developed with an advanced lighting control system that can create a wide range of lighting effects with the RGBW technology. The new lighting control system gives you flexibility to control color temperature stepless from 2800K to 10000K. color balance GM +1- 1.0 tuning. RGB colors adjustment, HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) colors adjustment. etc.What’s more exciting is that the new ROLLFLEX 8-Series has a built-in Gel mode, which has with a variety of commonly use film colors lights from LEE and ROSCO filters. You will only need to select the filter code to quickly generate the color effect that you want to create.The ROLLFELX 8-series has a built-in Effect mode with preset lighting effects like cop car light, candle light, lightning, etc. The program-free system can instantly create special lighting effects in studio environments.In addition, it is equipped with high-resolution 16Bit PWM to DMX-512 signal output, and it supports DMX control system as well as smartphone application (APP) to allow even more possibilities for remote controlling.With the new ROLLFLEX system, you can experience many possibilities for great studio setups that is able to project different light effects in an instant. Falcon Eyes will be providing continuous firmware upgrades to enable more stunning features in the future. Features Color temperature adjustable from 2800K-10000K Color balance adjustable from G/M +/-0.1Support RGB separate control Support HSI control Preset Rosco and LEE Filters Preset Effect mode Support firmware update Available for 16 bit DMX-512 and Smartphone Application controlCRI up to 95 and TLCI up to 93 OLED Display Bluetooth 5.0 (APP) Remote Control (up to 25m control distance)English / Chinese Language Setting Technical data Model No.: RX-824LED : 384pcs x 0.5W (Daylight) / 384pcs x 1.5W (RGB)Output Wattage : 150WColor Temperature : 2800K - 10000K / RGBOperating Voltage : AC 110-240VDimming : 0-100% Stepless Dimming / 0-255 Saturation DimmingBeam Angle : 62 degreeCRI : Ra 95 / TLCI : 93LUX (5600K with diffusor) : 0.5M 9880 / 1M 3128 / 2M 835Size: 610 x 610mmWeight : 2.75kg control box / 0.97kg matIncluded Accessories :  Softbox / Grid / Case

gross: €1,082.90
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Rayzr MC 200 Multi Color RGBWW Soft LED Panel
Rayzr MC200 SKU: 16030802 Rayzr RGBWW LED Soft panels are fully color tunable, offer a wide Kelvin color temperature adjustable range from 2400 to 9900K and can be run off camera batteries. Rayzr MC serie contains 3 models MC 100, MC 120, and RAYZR MC 200. They all offer the same functionality, the only difference is the size and the power draw. At 4,6 kg the Rayzr MC200 weights significantly less than other 2x1 RGB lights and is also much slimmer, so that it can be used in tight spaces and with little support. With a rugged metal housing it is made for everyday use. Battery Powered Mobility Use the MC Series battery operated for hours on location. All models come with a battery plate and run with standard  14.4V V-Mount batteries. Everything Built-In, Ready To Be Used The MC series is designed to be practical and easy to use with everything either built into the compact head or mounted to it by quick release for quick setup. Wireless Control & DMX With WiFi and DMX built-in, the MC series is easy to control and integrates well into any environment Quick Release Accessory System A simple to use quick release accessory system lets you mount light shaping tools in a fast and stable way. Barn doors with extra long leafs are included with every panel. Silent Operation The metal housing of the MC Series is designed and optimised for passive cooling through efficient internal airflow as well as acting as a heatsink. The MC100, 120 and 200 are fan-less designs. Dimming Curves Four user-selectable dimming curves provide fine grained control in specific situations: linear being a 1:1 translation, exponential providing fine control in the low end whereas logarithmic provides fine control in the high end and the "s" curve is a combination of exponential and logarithmic. Specifications LED Source: RGBWWTLCI: 96-98 - CCT modeColor Rendering Index CRI: up to 95 - CCT modeBeam Angle: 120°Color Temperature: 2400-9900K VariablePower Variation: 0-100% VariablePower Consumption Max. 190 WInput Voltage Range: 12-24V DCInput Current Range: 15.8 A Maximum, 14.8 A NominalAC Power Supply: DC 18V 10AV-mount Battery: 12-24V x 1DC power plug: XLR-4DMX: XLR 3-pin IN and OUTThermal Design: Silent Passive CoolingProtection Class: IP 20Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH

gross: €1,273.30
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