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F&V Z400S Soft Bi-Color LED Panel Light

F&V Z400S

The Z400S UltraColor utilizes the highly accurate F&V UltraColor LED. The F&V UltraColor LED has an exceedingly accurate color temperature and has a color rendering index of 95. With the UltraColor LED, F&V guarantees that each LED panel will vary no more than ±100K in color temperature as well as no more than ±1.0 in CRI. The UltraColor LED is the perfect LED for professional shooters and studios that need, without exception, maximum consistency. At a 60° beam angle, 400 LEDs produce a rich, bright, even beam of light which is perfect for high precision shoots in the studio or on location.

The Z400S UltraColor comes packaged with the noteworthy Milk Diffusion Filter which creates a soft, glamorous light. The Milk Diffusion Filter now utilizes a snap-in, quick-release mounting system. This new mounting system will work in unison with additional accessories, giving users the ability to stack modifiers on top of one another. This secure mounting system allows the light to be rigged sideways or upside down without the possibility of accessories falling or sliding out.

The F&V Z400S UltraColor has an expansion port which allows for installation of the SmartSync Control Circuit (SCC) as well as a DMX512 Module. The SCC module allows you to daisy chain multiple units together via CAT5 cables. When chained together, any light modified in the chain will cause all the other lights to dim in unison. The DMX512 Module allows for control of the lights with standard DMX512 dimmer boards.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Z400S LED Studio Panel
  • 1 x Milk Diffusion Filter
  • 4 x Quick Release Rods for Milk Diffusion Filter
  • 1 x V-Mount AC Power Adapter
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x Replacment Fuses

Technical data

  • Bulb UltraColor LED
  • LED Count 400
  • Beam Angle 60°
  • Power Variation 0-100% (Stepless)
  • Color Rendering Index (Ra)≥ 95 ±1.0
  • Operating Voltage 10-18V DC
  • Nominal Weight (excluding AC adapter and batteries) 2300 g
  • Nominal Size (L x W x H) 34.9 cm x 37.5 cm x 8.3 cm
  • Power Draw 32W
  • Max Current 3.2A
  • Power Options
  • Built-in V-mount Battery Plate
  • AC Power Adapter (AC operation of 90-265VAC 50/60Hz)
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • 5600K ±100K (Daylight Model)
  • 3200K~5600K  ±100K (Bi-color Model)

Light stands NOT included

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Accessory Items

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F&V Z400S Soft Bi-Color LED Panel Premium Kit
F&V Z400S Premium Kit The UltraColor Z400S is the newest member of the new F&V Soft panel series that combines bi-color, TLCI 99, brightness, compactness and that is passively cooled and super soft. The Z400S Soft and the optional KS-1 intensifier are the perfect team when a powerful soft light is needed. With 1841 lux @ 1m and with a beam angle of 130°, the Z400S Soft is already a very bright light. The KS-1 intensifier concentrates the light into a 50° beam angle, increasing the brightness to an incredible 4400 lux @ 1m (5600K). The UltraColor Soft series offers true color reproduction throughout the complete color temperature range. Rendered with absolute precision, skin tones and colors never looked better. CRI and TLCI measurements only give a small insight into how LED lights render the full spectrum, the UltraColor Soft series can shine beyond those values with a well balanced color response - creating beautiful images. Pure white light with a TLCI of up to 99. The quality of a light is not only defined by its color and brightness, but also how it renders shadows. With a clean, single shadow that wraps nicely around subjects, the UltraColor Soft delivers stunning results. No stepped shadows, no uneven color, just pure soft light. Technical data Correlated Color Temperature 3200 - 5600KIllumination (Lux@1m)D: 1841, T: 1599Footcandles (fc)D: 171, T: 149TLCI97 - 99Color Rendering Index (Ra) 96 - 98Beam Angle 130°Dimming 0 -100 % ContinuousPower Consumption 90 WBattery DC Voltage Range12 - 24 V DCFlicker Free Up To15000 fpsCooling System Passive / Noiseless In the box 1 x UltraColor Z400s Bi-Color Panel1 x V-Mount AC Adapter1 x KS-1 Softbox and Intensifier1 x Pro Case for 1x1 Panels

gross: €690.20

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