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EdelKrone FocusONE v2

EdelKrone FocusONE v2


New generation follow focus designed for camera operators instead of focus pullers. Unique marker disk faces the camera operator for quick & precise focus adjustments. FocusONE is the world's most precise follow focus, not because it has the best gearbox design, but because its gearbox design is unrelated to its precision. What does this mean exactly? Gearboxes on regular follow focuses are between the marker disc and the focus ring, resulting in a loss of precision because of gear play in the gearbox. FocusONE's innovative design allows the marker disc to be in direct contact with the focus ring. This unique approach makes edelrkone FocusONE the most precise follow focus you can find, even at its affordable price.


  • Custom tension adjustment
  • Control wheel with flexible angles
  • Pen-free focus marking
  • Works on either side of the camera
  • Mattebox friendly
  • Compatible with All Lenses
  • Attaches on any rod
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SHAPE single rod follow focus
SHAPE single rod follow focus SKU: FA123 Use the compact SHAPE Follow Focus Kit with Single 15 mm Rod Clamp with your camera setup to make focus pulling easy. The modular design allows you to add and remove any of the components without screws or tools, and its small profile allows the addition of a matte box or accessories around your lens.  At the core of the kit is a rubber, anti-slip follow focus wheels attached to a single aluminum 15 mm rod clamp. The clamp rotates to adjust to most lens sizes, and it’s tightened by a locking lever. The clamp’s rotation also allows the focus wheel to easily swing out of the way when changing lenses. Five drive gears are included to fit a variety of lens sizes: 0.5 MOD/78T, 0.6 MOD/64T, 0.8 MOD/38T, 0.8 MOD/43T, and 0.8 MOD/78T. The gears can be flipped from front to back to facilitate different lens configurations. A 49 mm rubber friction wheel is also included for the 0.5 MOD/78T gear which is most commonly used with DSLR lenses. For alternate fine-focus configurations, use the included speed crank or 11″ whip, both of which attach to the center point of the knob. Four magnetic marking disks are included to attach to the focus wheel. At the center of the knob, an ARRI-standard accessory port for attaching separately available accessories such as a whip or a speed crank;All gears can be flipped to the front or back position which is helpful for compact lens configurations;Two rotation points (one on the rod and one on the body) allowing you to get the follow focus perfectly aligned vertically on the side of the camera body;Swing Arm Design allows you to simply pull the follow focus away from the lens for a quick lens change then you can push it back into place when you’re ready;A compact design takes little space, so you can still attach a matte box to the front;Use the swing arm to properly align the follow focus and then you can tighten the thumbscrew on the bottom to keep it in place. In the box 1 x FOLLOW FOCUS5 x GEAR WHEEL (M 0.5/78T ; M 0.6/64T; M 0.8/38T; M 0.8/43T; M 0.8/78T)1 x SPEED CRANK1 x 11’’ WHIP4 x MARKING DISK WITH MAGNET1 x FRICTION RUBBER WHEEL 49MM

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