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Datavideo TP-700

Datavideo TP-700

The TP-700 teleprompter, can be used with ENG style cameras, where the camera is mounted directly to the teleprompter rig, or with any camera in its freestanding configuration. The Datavideo TP-700 supports up to 19” talent monitors with VESA 75mm and 100mm mounts, ideal for use with our TLM-170 series monitors. The TP-700 features a bright 15” 4:3 LCD screen with the powerful dvPrompter Plus application built in, there is no need to run software on a laptop.

Control and monitor the prompter over a local network using any device with a modern web browser, Load, reload and control scripts over a local network.

Connect multiple TP-700s together using the HDMI input and output or use IP synchronisation over Ethernet. The HDMI input also allows the 15” LCD screen to be used as a HDMI monitor with third party software if required. The HDMI output can also be used to drive external displays.


Universal Large Screen Prompter Kit with ENG and Freestanding Configurations
ENG and Freestanding Configurations
Built in Teleprompter application
Synchronize multiple units via HDMI or IP
P2P (Peer to Peer) Interview Configuration
Easy control and monitoring via Ethernet
Powerful rich text editor
Supports PowerPoint and Keynote slides
Optional hardware Controllers
Real Time Editing

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Accessory Items

Datavideo FS-30 Foot Switch
Datavideo FS-30 Datavideo FS-30 foot switch control for direct wired control. The FS-30 foot switch connects via USB and offers three pedals with independent functions. The FS-30 uses non-contact photoelectric sensors for near silent operation. The Datavideo FS-30 will work with all TP-700, TP-800 and TP-900 teleprompters running dvPrompter Plus version 1581 or newer. Connecting the FS-30 to the white USB port on the teleprompters 15” LCD monitor, the FS-30 will work as soon as its connected, there is no need to set any control options within the dvPrompter Plus application.

gross: €124.95
Fortinge TM-173 Talent Monitor
Fortinge TM-173 Talent Monitor FORTINGE offers the talent monitor for Studio Prompter to provide a complete system. It is totally compatible with the prompter monitor and offers an easy set up with angular option. It enables the speaker to see both him/herself while on air. The talent monitor also provided seperately for a customised use. Technical data Screen Size: 17.3″ Color Depth: 16.7m Resolution: 1920×1080 Pixel Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Brightness: 400cd/m²Backlight: LED Viewing Angle: 80° / 80° (L/R) 60° / 80° (U/D) Input: 1x HDMI , 1xSDIOutput: 1x SDI Rated Input Voltage: 12v DC Rated Input Power: 23W Dimensions: 26.6cm x 41.5cm x 7cmWeight: 2.2kg

gross: €880.60
Datavideo WR-500 Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control
Datavideo WR-500 Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote ControlScript controller: play/pause, speed Up/show down text scroll, next/previous break markerTo be used with TP-150 / TP-300 / TP-500 / TP-600 prompter rigsCompatible with Android / iOS devicesWired or wireless connectionFeatures Bluetooth 4 – for longer battery life & enhanced rangeAutomatic pairing (via the DV Prompter app) In the box 1 x WR-500 Remote Control1 x Jack Plug to Jack Plug Cable for Wired Mode1 x Lanyard Necklace

gross: €178.50

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Datavideo TP-650 MKII Large Screen Prompter Kit for ENG Cameras
Datavideo TP-650 Datavideo TP-650 is designed to accommodate larger tablet computers including the 12.9" iPad Pro. Why struggle with expensive re-takes, on stage talent drifting off script or a presenters’ loss of eye contact with the viewing audience? The Datavideo Prompter Kit TP-650, is designed to help you overcome these problems by converting a tablet computer (not supplied) into a low cost and effective prompter.The Datavideo Prompter Kit TP-650 can be used in either a theatre setting, or a video studio. Prepared scripts or cue sheets can be easily copied and pasted into the DV prompter app software from email and scrolled at a set automatic rate or controlled by a user with the optional wired/wireless WR-500 remote for a more natural result. A number of clear fonts, colours and text sizes are available making reading comfortable from a variety of distances.

gross: €690.20
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