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Core SWX Powerbase Edge Snap 49Wh Stacking Battery

Core SWX Powerbase Edge Snap

At the heart of the Edge Snap is its unique snap-together feature, allowing multiple units to be seamlessly connected in parallel to provide extended power capabilities. The hot-swappable and stackable design of the Edge Snap enables quick and effortless addition or removal of packs, ensuring continuous power supply to accessories while allowing for convenient charging. This innovative concept not only streamlines power management but also ensures uninterrupted operation of every accessory in the cinematic production market.

With the incorporation of Core’s groundbreaking new AUX connection, PD Pro, the two PD Pro taps on the pack boast the capacity to output voltages ranging from 5V to 28V. Coupled with two standard ptaps, the Core SWX Edge Snap offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering users to power up to four accessories concurrently. Be it cameras, lights, monitors, or other indispensable equipment, the Edge Snap ensures dependable and consistent power delivery, ensuring seamless operation to keep your production running seamlessly

Key Features

  • Powerbase Edge Snap: Redefining cinematic production standards with this revolutionary power solution
  • Unique snap-together stacking feature for seamless parallel connection, extending power capabilities, increasing max load output and streamlining management
  • Incorporates Core’s PD Pro with two PD Pro taps (5V to 28V) and two standard 12V ptaps for unparalleled flexibility
  • Empowers concurrent powering of up to four accessories, ensuring consistent power delivery to essential equipment
  • Hot-swappable, stackable design for continuous power supply and convenient charging on set
  • PD Pro ports facilitate USBC-PD charging, with stackability enabling parallel charging for multiple packs
  • PD Pro Aux ports are 100% USB-C PD compatible
  • Wrap-around RGB LED power indicator for easy battery status monitoring and color-coded rig setups
  • Voltbridge iD chip enables access to vital battery data and increased functionality via smartphone connectivity
  • Compact form, versatile connectivity, and unparalleled convenience make Edge Snap the evolution of production battery packs


  • Mount Type: SNAP Stacking
  • Output Ptap: 2x ptap DC 11-16.8v
  • USB-C PD Charge Input: Up to 100w
  • USB-C PD PRO Output: DC 5v/9v/12v/15v/20v/24v/28v, green port at 90w and black port at 45w
  • Size: 11,33 x 7,19 x 3,51 cm
  • Weight: 0,38 kg

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Core SWX PBE Snap QRC PlateThe powder-coated aluminum Edge Snap QRC plate is an accessory that enhances the mounting versatility of Edge Snap packs. While the Powerbase Edge Snap packs themselves come with a single 1/4-20 connection, the Edge Snap QRC plate takes mounting options to the next level. By utilizing the Core SWX Edge Snap QRC plate, users gain access to a multitude of mounting possibilities. It enables packs to be securely mounted through various 1/4-20 and 3/8 anti-rotational connections, providing enhanced stability and reliability.Key FeaturesPowder-coated aluminum Edge Snap QRC plate enhances mounting versatility for Snap packsAllows packs to be securely mounted through various 1/4-20 and 3/8 anti-rotational connectionsFeatures 1/4-20 threads and a standard V-lock shoe mechanical mount for easy attachment to compact handheld DSLR or cinema camerasProvides filmmakers with a wide array of mounting options to suit specific shooting needsEnsures compatibility and reliability, allowing filmmakers to focus on capturing the perfect shot without power source concernsSpecificationsMount Type: SNAP StackingMaterial: Powder Coated AluminumSize: 11,38 x 7,19 x 0,89 cmWeight: 0,14 kg

gross: €53.55
Core SWX XPD-45 USB-C PD Charger
Core SWX USB-C PD ChargerIntroducing the XPD-45 Ultra-Fast USBC PD Charger – your gateway to rapid, reliable power replenishment for high-capacity Core battery packs like the Nano-U98x. The compact charger is designed to streamline your charging experience and keep your essential devices powered up with efficiency and speed.In summary, our XPD-45 USBC PD Charger is the perfect companion for high-capacity battery packs like the Nano-U98x. It combines universal compatibility, rapid charging, intelligent features, and portability, making it an essential tool for professionals and tech enthusiasts who demand reliability and speed in their charging solutions. Keep your gear powered up and ready for action with this versatile charger by your side.USB-C PD Output: DC 5v/9v/15v/20v, 45wSize: 6,35 x 6,35 x 3,05 cmWeight 0,41 kg

gross: €58.31
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