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CamDolly Standard Kit

CamDolly Standard Kit

Set includes

1) 1 Baseplate (1)
2) Extension Legs (4)
3) Inflatable Pneumatic Wheels (4)
4) Table Top Wheels (4)
5) Track Wheels (2-fixed, 2-with extending arm)
6) Tripod Holders (3)
7) Doorway Dolly Push/Pull/Turn Adapters (2)
8) Height Difference Adapters (2)
9) Seat Assembly (1)
10) T-bar Assembly (1)
11) Track Ends/Custom-made tracking board support (2 for tracks, 2 for support)
12) Flexible Solid Rubber Truck (1x15 meters/ 1x50 ft.)
13) All the necessary screws
14) Degrees vs. Diameter Chart (Imperial and Metric) (2)
15) 75mm and 10mm Bowl Mount Adapters (1)
16) Flat/Mitchell Mount Adapter (attached to the Baseplate, can be exchange with bowl adapters) (1)

Hallmarks of Excellence Camera Dolly

As soon as you start working with the CamDolly, one thing becomes immediately and inarguably clear: This is a well-conceived, well-made piece of precision professional equipment. The care and consideration given to every detail of the CamDolly’s design and construction has resulted in a dolly which delivers features lacking in other systems costing many times its price.

200kg weight-bearing capacity

Even though the CamDolly is very light and portable it’s weight capacity is enormous. It can easily carry a camera man, the heaviest of the tripods, the heaviest tripod camera heads and the heaviest of the camera configurations.

Fits in car trunk

It’s true: Good things do come in small packages. Despite its compact, modular design, the CamDolly delivers all the functionality of systems many times its size, weight, and cost. Unassembled, the entire CamDolly system—including all wheels and accessories—fits easily into the trunk of a typical small car. Nonetheless, it can be transformed into a fully rideable dolly in just a few minutes.

Built-in handle

The CamDolly core component includes a convenient, ergonomically-friendly carrying handle, enabling the CamDolly to readily picked up and moved in most of its configurations.

Complete system weighs only 35 kg

Despite its solid construction and durability, the complete system weighs only 77 pounds (35 kilograms), enhancing its navigability and ease of movement. Its light weight also saves transportation effort and expense when shipping the unit or transporting it to remote locations

3 wheels sets – tabletop, track, inflatable

Flexibility is what the CamDolly is all about. In just about any setting and on just about any navigable surface, the CamDolly is able to adapt easily and perform flawlessly. Its 3 sets of wheels — tracking, in-line skate, and inflatable pneumatic — enable the CamDolly to deliver the same exceptional performance on a tabletop, track, floor, or pavement, as well as many surfaces beyond the capabilities of other dollies.

The in-line skate wheels deliver fantastic results on smooth surfaces such as tabletops or finished floors, while the inflatable pneumatic wheels are great for somewhat rougher surfaces.

Includes industry standard track ends

Its height-adjustable track ends allow for use of either industry standard tube track or common metal pipe available at any home improvement store, saving you money on expensive track rentals

Includes 100 ft. solid rubber flexible track

The CamDolly’s vibration-dampening flexible rubber track permits operation on irregular surfaces, as well as permitting a range of complex tracking shots impossible to achieve with traditional straight or curved track systems.

Fast, easy assembly

Operational efficiency is a key consideration in selecting any piece of production equipment: Time spent assembling, adjusting, and dissembling gear is time—and money—taken away from your production. The CamDolly’s minimalist, efficient design makes setup quick and effortless.

Any configuration can be assembled in under 10 minutes.

No tools required

Carefully fitted components and a logical, intuitive assembly process mean that your CamDolly can assume any of a multitude of possible configurations within mere minutes, and all can be accomplished by a single person without using tools of any kind. At the end of the shooting day, teardown is just as fast

Create any configuration in minutes

Of course, the producent provides comprehensive instruction on the assembly of your CamDolly system, and after setting it up once or twice you’ll find it to be an incredibly simple process—a feature you’re especially sure to appreciate if you are depending on others to set up or tear down your gear. Assistants can be trained to handle CamDolly setup procedures just as easily.

Any configuration can be assembled and disassebled in under 10 minutes. Guaranteed!

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PollySystem Polly Dolly Complete Set SKU: 377757 Polly Dolly is an ultra-compact, portable and flexible solution for smooth tracking shots. The flywheel gear allows for ultra-smooth camera movements on level ground. Tracking shots that might normally require assistance from another person or a motion control device may now be executed by just one person with almost no prep time. Polly Dolly is designed to create smooth and stabilized camera movements through the use of a flywheel made of high-grade steel; the new disengageable gear simultaneously accumulates kinetic energy and stabilizes movement. With a camera and video-head mounted on top (using included 3/8" adapter) you can achieve constant and ultra-slow tracking shots with a fingertip. Polly works well on every flat surface; a scale on the flywheel enables precision stop-motion dolly shots. The Polly-Arm extends application possibilities considerably - vertical and horizontal adjustments, rotation in all directions - allowing you to position your camera within a range of approximately 3.3feet/1meter. Mount the camera directly on top of the arm or use connection plates of your choice. The removable counterbalance rod gives you the option to add sandbags or other weights for additional safety. Polly Surface Track contains three adjustable elements to compensate for uneven terrain. Polly System Attachments - 100mm Bowl and 75mm Bowl Converter, Connection Plate, Euro Adapter Bridge, Arm Adapter - are built specifically for the product to allow multiple camera packages. Polly Surface Bag for Track (part number and individual pricing TBD) lets you transport the system with ease. Set comes with the Polly EnginePolly ArmPolly Surface "Track" + Track Bag and all pieces needed to mount a camera. Width 200 mmHeight 200 mmLength 280 mm Pieces listed below are sold separately Polly Dolly Set - Engine, Arm, Track and Track Bag 377757Polly Engine - Dolly Only 377758Polly Arm - Arm Only 377759Polly Surface "Track" - with Bag 377760Polly 100mm Bowl Adapter 377761Polly 75mm Bowl Converter 377762Polly Connection Plate 377763Polly Arm Connector 377764Polly Euro Adapter Bridge 377765Polly Tripod Platform 377766

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RigWheels Passport Camera Dolly SKU: PCD1 The Passport Camera Dolly System is tailor made for traveling professionals and remote on-location production. The all-in-one design and rock solid build quality make the Passport Camera Dolly system ideal for international documentary and network news style production where larger/heavier camera systems (up to 100 pounds) are being used and a stable, reliable platform is needed. The entire kit is flight ready at 50lbs (23kg) an won’t incur expensive excess charges. 6.3′ (1.95m) of track collapse into 19″ sections that pack along with the camera dolly carriage, end-brackets and ball-head adapters into the included custom Pelican 1610 protector case (with wheels & handle). This system includes RailDolly Camera Dolly CarriageUniversal End Brackets75 & 100mm Ball Head Adapters8 x 6.3′ of PortaRail in 19″ sections.Pelican 1610 Protector Case with Custom Foam Individual components 1 x RigPlate22 x RigAxle4 x Inline Wheel4 x Longboard Wheel8 x 19″ PortaRail 1pc8 x PortaRail Connector16 x Rubber End Caps1 x Passport Camera Dolly Case2 x Baby Junior Adapter2 x 18″ Cross Bar4 x Variable Size Pipe Clamp1 x 100mm Ball Adapter1 x 75mm Ball Adapter8 x 3 Prong Knob – 5/16-18″4 x 3 Prong Knob – 1/4-20″4 x Long 5/16″ Wheel Spacer4 x 5/16″ Bolt – 3-1/2″ Long4 x 5/16″ Bolt – 1-1/4″ Long12 x 5/16″ Washer3 x 3/8″ Bolt – 3/4″ Long3 x 3/8″ Washer2 x 3/8″ Split Washer4 x Wing Nut – 5/16″

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CamDolly Full Kit
CamDolly Full Kit Camdolly Cinema Systems Whether you need a Table Top, a Fully Rideable Tracking Camera Dolly or anything in between, The CamDolly CS lets you configure it all in just about 5 minutes. You can set it up as: Table TopCamera SliderOrbit DollyDoorway DollyTracking Dolly Set includes CAMDOLLY STANDARD KIT with 1) 1 x Baseplate2) 4 x Extension Legs3) 4 x Inflatable Pneumatic Wheels4) 4 x Table Top Wheels5) Track Wheels (2-fixed, 2-with extending arm)6) 3 x Tripod Holders7) 2 x Doorway Dolly Push/Pull/Turn Adapters8) 2 x Height Difference Adapters9) 1 x Seat Assembly10) 1 x T-bar Assembly11) Track Ends/Custom-made tracking board support (2 for tracks, 2 for support)12) Flexible Solid Rubber Truck (2x15 meters/ 2x50 ft.)13) All the necessary screws14) 2 x Degrees vs. Diameter Chart (Imperial and Metric)15) 1 x 75mm and 10mm Bowl Mount Adapters16) 1 x Flat/Mitchell Mount Adapter (attached to the Baseplate, can be exchange with bowl adapters) as well as 17) 1 x 150mm Bowl Mount Adapter18) 1 x Bazooka Mount Adapter19) 3 x  Case with Foam Insert20) 2 x Flexible Solid Rubber Track Case

gross: €5,944.05

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