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C7Adapters Arri LPL - Sony VENICE lens mount adapter LPL-VENICE-B

C7Adapters Arri LPL - VENICE

C7Adapters Arri LPL - VENICE is a camera mount that allows to use Arri LPL mount lenses on Sony Venice cameras. Main features:

Adjustable flange focal distance
Stainless steel LPL flange
Compatible with Arri PL/LPL adapter
It does not support LDS
0,005mm accuracy
Captive mounting screws
Infinity focusing
Made of aircraft grade alloy
Black anodized
Port cap and mounting screws inc.
Made in UE
Comaptible with: Sony Venice

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Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount for Sony Venice Cameras
Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount for Sony Venice Cameras SKU: 269200 ARRI LPL Mount for Sony Venice Cameras allows ARRI LPL Signature Prime Lenses to be used on Sony Venice and connects lens pogos directly to the camera. According to ARRI, 2019 Q1 will bring an update to the Signature Primes that will allow for Cooke /i data to be outputted. At that time, the Sony Venice will be able to read the metadata via our pogo interface. LPL Cap included to prevent dust from entering sensor area when lens is not attached. You only need to adjust the shims should you find that your camera is out of calibration. The adapter is shimmable by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding color coded shims of various thickness. Back focus should be checked using collimation tools or a wide lens focused to infinity.

gross: €1,547.00
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