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AVMATRIX TS3019 Wireless Multi-Camera Tally Light System (4 x Tally Lamps)

AVMATRIX Wireless Multi-Camera Tally Light System

Display the on-air status of each camera in your set configuration with the AVMATRIX Wireless Multi-Camera Tally Light System with 4/6/8 tally lamps. The system can wirelessly communicate from up to 200m away. Multiple interface connections on the tally box—from GPIO and USB Type-C to RS-232 and RS-485—create wide compatibility with various switchers and vMix software for integration with your preexisting gear setup. An included antenna can attach to the box to improve its signal.

Each tally light has a front and rear indicator light for its on-air status, as well as indicators to display the wireless signal strength and battery level. They can be powered via USB Type-C input or with a separately available 18650 lithium-ion battery. The bottom of each lamp has a 1/4"-20 thread for installation with a hot shoe to the top of a camera. Five USB Type-C cords, a GPIO connector, a power adapter, and a carrying case complete the system's accessories.


  • Support 433Mhz wireless or wired tally connection
  • Up to 200m wireless connection distance (line-of-sight)
  • The tally box with multiple interfaces including GPIO/USB/RS-485/RS-232
  • GPIO compatible with AVMATRIX and other video switchers
  • Compatible with VMix via USB type-c
  • Wireless PTZ camera control via RS-232/RS-485 pass-through Up to 16 tally lamps can be supported
  • Both front and rear indicators on the lamps with 4-level adjustable brightness
  • Visible signal strength and battery status on the tally lamp
  • The Tally lamp can be powered by USB type-c or 18650 Li-ion battery
  • 1/4 inch hot shoe for tally lamp installation

Tally Box

  • GPIO, USB Type-C, RS-485, and RS-232 interface
  • 1-pin antenna input
  • GPIO compatible with AVMATRIX, Roland, Sony, NewTek, Panasonic, Datavideo, or other tally converter boxes
  • PTZ remote control via RS-232/RS-485 pass-through USB Type-C input compatible with vMix software
  • Can support up to 16 tally lamps

Tally Lamp

  • PTZ camera connection via RS-485 input
  • Front and rear indicators with four-level brightness adjustment
  • Signal strength and battery status indicators
  • Powered via USB Type-C input or with separately available 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • 1/4"-20 thread for installation of hot shoe
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