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Aputure Pole Operated Yoke for Nova P600c

Aputure Pole Operated Yoke for Nova P600c

The Nova P600c Pole Operated Yoke is designed specifically for studio use, allowing users to adjust the pan and tilt of the Nova P600c while the fixture is hung from a lighting grid. By rotating the knobs affixed to the yoke, the pan and tilt axes of the Nova P600c can be independently adjusted for 360° rotation.

The Aputure Pole Operated Yoke for Nova P600c is ideal for permanent studio installations, where the Nova P600c will be hung from a studio lighting grid, and a pole can be used to operate the pan and tilt axes from a lower height. This removes the need to climb up to the height of the lighting grid any time the angle of the Nova P600c needs to be adjusted.


Pole-Operated Frame for panning and tilting the Nova P600c
Useful when hanging the Nova P600c on lighting grids or in studio environments
360° Pan & Tilt range of motion
Durable aluminum construction
(28mm / 1.125in) Junior Pin

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Aputure Nova P600c
Aputure Nova P600c The Nova P600c is a 600W RGBWW LED Soft Light and builds on the foundation of the Nova P300c, with twice the output and four times as many light engines. By utilizing a unique RGBWW chipset, the Nova strikes a balance between intense output and precision color quality, capable of producing 2,298+ lux at 3 meters (6500K) with a CCT range of 2,000K-10,000K. The Aputure Nova P600c is truly built for professionals, integrating features that enhance on-set workflow. The P600c’s new control box includes industry-standard LumenRadioCRMX, enabling it to interface with any CRMX wireless control system. In conjunction with its new contact-pin cable-less connection interface, the Nova P600c can achieve truly wireless control without even needing a control box connection cable. And for easy access, with minimal setup, the P600c is also compatible with SidusLink mobile app control, allowing you to control Aputurefixtures from a smartphone or tablet.

gross: €3,687.81
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Aputure Nova P600c Kit
Aputure Nova P600c Kit The Nova P600c is ideal for users who want a compact 2x1 LED Soft Panel but need more intensity and control than a Nova P300c. The P600c’s output is equivalent to two Nova P300cs and has 4 zones of control (light engines), which allow for more effects, greater depth in lighting effects, and individual control via DMX. With its built-in power supply, the P600c is also suitable for users who want to operate with as few components as possible while filmmaking. In addition, Nova P600c also features new DMX functionality like LumenRadioCRMX, 16-bit DMX, and Lead-Follow Mode, to make a lighting technician’s on-set workflow more efficient. The Nova P600c builds upon the design and interface of the Nova P300c, making the P600c the perfect companion for an existing user’s arsenal. Its weight, output, and power draw are suitable for lighting technicians who are looking to add to their medium to large scale lighting package. Main Features 600W RGBWW2x1 LED Soft Light Panel2,298+ lux at 3 meters (6500K)Two Times Brighter than Nova P300cCRI & TLCI 95+, SSI (D56): 74, SSI (Tungsten): 844-Light Engine Zone ControlFully Tunable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000KFully-Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment (Full Plus/Minus Green)Hue, Saturation & Intensity with CCT ControlBuilt-in LumenRadioCRMXSidusLink Mobile App Compatible8-bit & 16-bit DMX512 5-PinIn & OutCable-less Contact Pin Control Box InterfaceExtendable Control Box w/ Lightning Clamp3m-long Head Cable for Flexibility & Reach4 User-Programmable PresetsRemovable Diffusion Panel2 Output Modes: Max & ConstantLead-Follow Mode for Quick WorkflowVariety of Built-in Light Source PresetsFrequency Selection to Reduce FlickerIndustry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931)Color Control>90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space300+ Industry-Standard Gel Presets19 Built-in Lighting FX: Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Candle, Fire, etc.Stepless Dimming from 0.1 to 100%3-Pin XLR 48V/15A DC Battery InputInternal Power SupplyNeutrikpowerCONTRUE1 TOP AC Power CableJunior Pin (28mm/1.125in)-20°~45°CAmbient Operating Temperature360°Rotation, CurvedDualDisk-brake YokeIncludes Hard Shell Rolling Case

gross: €4,034.10

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Aputure Nova P600C Dual Head Yoke
Aputure Nova P600C Dual Head Yoke The Aputure Nova P600C Dual Head Yoke allows users to stack two Nova P600c lamp heads and mount them to a single durable aluminum frame, making it easy to operate them simultaneously for a high power 2’ x 2’ soft light fixture with 1200W of RGBWW output. Both lamp heads can feature independent 360° tilt adjustment so you can achieve a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction. The Nova P600c Dual Head Yoke is ideal for users who want to be able to operate two Nova P600c lamps as a 1200W RGBWW panel with the effective surface area of a 2’ x 2’ soft source. This configuration allows users to consolidate stands for fast-paced shoots or minimize rigging for long-term installations. By stacking the two units, and utilizing vertical space, the dual panel frame conserves valuable space on set. Users can also use the independent tilt adjustments to their advantage to increase the spread of light from a single source, even using it to light in opposite directions. This is a heavy-duty frame with a 28mm Junior Pin, that results in a robust and dense package, so it is ideal for users who are accustomed to large stands and rigging tools. Features Mount two Nova P600c lamp heads on a single yoke Achieve a 1200W Output 2’ x 2’ RGBWW LED Soft PanelIndependent 360° tilt adjustment for both lamps Durable, single piece aluminum alloy frame Two sets of high-strength disk brake tilt locks (28mm / 1.125in) Junior Pin

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Aputure Nova P600c SOFTBOX
Aputure Nova P600c SOFTBOX The Nova P600c Softbox is a medium-sized (~60x90cm or 2x3ft) rectangular soft light modifier, that increases the illuminated surface area of the P600c by approximately three times. This allows the P600c produce an even softer light quality and increased light wrap. And by utilizing a highly reflective inner lining and 1/4Grid Cloth-like diffusion, combination still maintains superb light output and efficiency. The softbox attaches to the P600c using hook-and-loop straps and is collapsible into a compact size that can be stored in the accompanying carrying bag. And the like the collapsible softbox, the included 45° Light Control Grid uses a spring steel core to increase tension when set up, while being able to fold down to a compact size for storage. The Aputure Nova P600c SOFTBOX is ideal for cinematographers who need a lightweight medium-sized soft light modifier to increase the surface area of the panel. Many users will appreciate the new design of the P600c which is now entirely frameless, attaching using hook-and-loop straps, around the back of the fixture. With its easy foldable design, the softbox is lighter weight, more portable, and easier to build on set. The Nova P600c Softbox is also suitable for users who want a softer light without losing too much punch or efficiency, which is accomplished by using a lower density diffusion as the P600c is already a soft light. The included Light Control Grid is also one less thing for users to worry about leaving off their equipment list, as it folds down, and stores inside the bag. Features 60x90cm (2x3ft) Medium Rectangular Softbox for the Nova P600c Tool-less and frame-less installation with hook-and-loop straps Folds down into a compact shape for no-hassle storage High reflectivity lining for improved light efficiency Collapsible, spring steel 45° light control grid included to enhance directionality and eliminate spill Lightweight design: 1.34kg Portable carrying bag for easy storage and transport

gross: €160.65
Aputure Nova P600c Barn door
Aputure Nova P600c Barn door Light and strongFour-leaf design, adjustable shading angleEasy installation, slides into the slot on the outside of the Nova P600c

gross: €208.25
Aputure Nova P600c Rain Shield
Aputure Nova P600c Rain Shield The Nova P600c Rain Shield is designed to protect the Nova P600c from inclement weather using a barrier made of high- density waterproof nylon fabric.* Installation is simple and intuitive, with metal side supports that slide into the Nova P600c’s accessory slot, which the cover attaches to using durable hook-and-loop fabric. This modular design allows the Rain Shield to be stored compactly in the included carrying bag for easy transport. The Aputure Nova P600c Rain Shield is ideal for cinematographers who shoot in inclement weather and need a compact and portable cover to guard the light in the rain. Users who may be accustomed to using cello screens and other methods to protect their fixtures from the rain will appreciate the Nova P600c Rain Shield design and implantation, as the metal sides provide support for the rest of the shield, while still being able to pack down. For any shooter that is always on the go, the Rain Shield also packs flat like a softbox, making it an easy and portable travel companion. In addition, its strong hook-and-look fabric will last through the toughest of jobs. Features Rain protection designed for the Nova P600c High-density waterproof nylon fabric shields the fixture from rainMetal support frames add structure, rigidity, and increase ease of installation Durable reusable hook-and-loop fabric that can withstand 2,000+ repeat applications Modular, foldable design for easy installation Carrying bag included

gross: €177.31
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Aputure Nova P600c Space light
Aputure Nova P600c Space light The Nova P600c Space Light is an omni-direction soft light diffuser for the RGBWW LED Panel. As a space light, it features a cylindrical design, which is achieved by mounting the light into a suspended frame. This allows the panel to spread light 360° over a wider area, reducing edge shadows, and making it suitable for creating soft light environments. The Space Light softbox also features an adjustable light control skirt. The inner layer of light control skirt is slightly reflective, and in combination with the black outer layer, it completely eliminates spill light. Starting out as an omni-directional light, when only one side of the skirt is rolled down, the soft light is given direction. When the skirt has been completely closed, the resulting light is projected downwards in a circular aperture. Features 84cm (33in) Omni-directional soft light diffuser for the Nova P600c 360° illumination to fill any space Ideal for studios and lighting grids Light control skirt to adjust the spread Circular aperture Collapsible for storage and transport Carrying Bag included

gross: €236.81
Aputure Nova P600c 45 Metal Grid
Aputure Nova P600c 45 Metal Grid Aputure Nova P600c 45 Metal Grid is a light control modifier that slides directly into the accessory slots to narrow down the spread of light and eliminate spill. At a lightweight 0.63kg (1.39lbs), and low-profile 2.1cm (0.8in) depth, the 45° Metal Grid allows you to add further control to your fixture without any noticeable gain in size or weight. Maintain the P600c’s large surface area and soft-light quality, while adding depth to your scene with light control The Nova P600c 45° Metal Grid is ideal for cinematographers and photographers who want to manipulate the beam spread of the light while maintaining its soft quality. Users who especially prefer a thin, low-profile modifier, will appreciate the 45° Metal Grid’s depth compared to foldable fabric grids that serve similar functions. Users who also require fast and simple installation will appreciate the use of the P600c Accessory Slot for an instant lock, as opposed to hook-and-loop straps. The 45° grid is a common middle ground for honeycomb grids that strikes a balance between beam spread and output loss, allowing for just the right amount of contrast. All Aputure fabric control grids also feature a 45° beam angle Features Metal Light Control Grid modifier for the Nova P600cLimits the beam angle to 45°Honeycomb structure for rigidity and light controlLightweight construction, only 0.63 kg (1.39lbs)Easily installation using the Nova P600c Accessory Slot

gross: €82.11
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