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Allen Avionics SDI-VIT-75 SDI Video Isolation Transformer

Allen Avionics SDI-VIT-75 SDI Video Isolation Transformer

Allen Avionics SDI-VIT-75 is a Video Isolation Transformer for eliminating hum in Serial Digital Transmission Lines. This can be used for Broadcast Systems where hum is present due to ground loops or where there is a large differences in ground potential. The SDI-VIT-75 provides electrical isolation between the Input and Output and will also eliminate induced currents in long cable runs. 

Supports all transmission rates of SMPTE259m and ITU-R BT 656. Supports 143Mbps to 540 Mbps including 270Mbps transmission rate
Small Cylindrical Shielded Package with BNC Connectors
Isolated Output Signal Path
Greater than 60 dB of Ground Loop Isolation
Passive Device - No power required
75 Ohms Balanced with 1.0 GHz Bandwidth
Greater than 15 dB Return Loss till 500 MHz

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Accessory Items

Next Level NLV-13 3G HD SDI Isolator
Next Level NLV-13 Professional 3G HD SDI Isolator It is a separator of SDI (Serial Digital Interface) signals with a bit rate up to 3Gbit / s. This device, similarly to the separation transformers in the audio paths. It serves for the galvanic separation of the signal path to eliminate interference. NLV-13 It is perfect for SD, HD, HD3G video signals as well as ASI (Transport Stream) signals. It is most often used in extensive or distributed Video installations, in which individual parts of the system are powered from different power sources. The separator passes the video signal, blocking the unwanted voltage resulting from the potential difference between the elements of the installation supplied, for example, from the aggregate and the power grid. An additional benefit resulting from the use of the Next Level NLV-13 separator is the protection of inputs and outputs of video devices against damage due to the appearance of potential differences between the elements of the video track. The device was placed in a small housing and equipped with BNC 75Ohm connectors. The dimensions of the separator and the appropriately designed flange allow for its easy installation in standard 19” panels with holes for XLR type D connectors

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