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8Sinn Sony A6500 Cage

8Sinn Sony A6500 Cage

The Sony Alpha a6500 - new small mirrorless camera, and it's packed with features. Not only can it shot 4k, it has slog and slow-motion with full pixel read out. This camera is perfect to pair up as the B camera with the Sony alpha line. With that said, you'll want to keep it protected and capable of mounting accessories.  The new a6500 cage from 8Sinn is your perfect fit. Made from one solid peace of aluminum, it's light weight and has all the features you need. HDMI cable lock, optional rod support, and top handle, you can make your Sony a6500 into a cinema style camera.

Made from one piece of the high quality air aluminium, so that the cage is perfectly matched to your camera. What is more, this aluminium is lightweight and very resistant.

In the cage body, there is a cold shoe, which allows to mounting different accessories.

Unique Cable clamp Solution which suits to different cable types, provides the protection of HDMI port in camera. In addition, it doesn't make a damage of cable plug.

Body of the cage is equipped with many mountig points 1/4.

At the bottom of the cage are placed thread 1/4 & 3/8 which allow to mount a tripod plate. Thanks to that solution two screws prevent twisting of the tripod plate.

Easy and quick replacing of the baterry and memory card.

Ergonomic design allow handle very confortable camera grip.

Set includes

1 x Cage for Sony a6500
1 x Cable clamp
1 x 1/4" screw
2 x M4x12mm screws - for cable clamp
1 x Hexa key 4mm
1 x Hexa key 3mm

Dimensions: 143 mm x 84 mm x 48,6 mm
Weight: 133 g

Optionally: Top Handle Basic or Pro

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Accessory Items

8Sinn Top Handle Pro
8Sinn Top Handle Pro Top Handle Pro fits to all cages equipped with 1/4" screw. Essential thing is possibility of handle shifting and quick handle detach from cage without any tools. Detaching is possible thanks to quick release system. Handle is characterized by ergonomic design and light weight construction. Additionally, it has a cold shoe as well as 1/4"-25 and 3/8"-17 threaded holes. There's a possibility of adjustment the camera balance by moving the handle front and back without any tools. Additionally, the handle is equipped with two cold shoes. Quick release system allows to quick handle removing. Handle is equipped with many mounting points.

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