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Wooden Camera Base Plate System for Sony BURANO

Wooden Camera Base Plate System for Sony BURANO

SKU: A00601

Base Plate System for Sony BURANO includes the ARCA Base Plate and ARCA Riser Plate– low-profile and compatible with any make of bridge plates that uses ARRI Standard height, this Base Plate design keeps the center of gravity low and as spread out as possible. This allows users to easily add shoulder pads or other accessories while maintaining optimal stability.

Two rod clamps, one on either side of the base plate, provide powerful friction to prevent torque and rotation from your lens motors. The Riser Plate features an intuitive wedge-clamp locking system with a thumb-screw for added security and comes with 3/8”-16 mounting points to attach the Bridge Plate.

  • Weight: 635 g
  • Dimensions: 125 x 130 x 36 mm

Included Items:

TOP-Handles - Camera cages - Camera plates - Camera brackets  -  Matte box - Battery plates - Power cables

Products from american producer Wooden Camera that offers useful solution for your video-audio equipment. The range of product concenrs


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Wooden Camera ARCA Baseplate (Sony BURANO)
Wooden Camera ARCA Baseplate (Sony BURANO) SKU: A00530 The ARCA Base Plate was designed for dual 15mm LW rods and maintains optimal lens height for studio-style builds. This Base Plate includes two 3/8”-16 screws and two anti-twist pins built into the bottom of the plate for a secure connection. Additionally, six 3/8”-16 and four 1/4”-20 with anti-twist ports on the sides and front of the plate allow users to mount more accessories along the Base Plate. Our ARCA system allows quick adjustments from a studio build to a Steadicam or Handheld build in seconds. Included Items: 3/16” Hex KeyWeight: 410.95 gDimensions: 125 x 130 x 26 mm

gross: €392.70
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