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SWIT PB-H290S 290Wh Bi-voltage Battery Pack


Beside ALEXA cameras, many Cine Lights are designed high voltage input, to reduce current ef- fectively, and protect power pins and ensure the reliability. You can easily put on a “Magic Sticker” on the par- ticular position of all standard V-mount plates, then PB-H290S battery can recognize and auto switch on 22-33.6V output mode.

PB-H290S consists of 24pcs high class 18650 battery cells, and reaches 290Wh high capacity. PB-H290S supports Max 250W constant power output, can drive ALEXA LF (160W) more on-camera monitors or wireless simultaneously. The high load battery will have longer life time than normal battery if always under full load power.

SWIT PB-H290S supports 6A fast charging by SWIT S-3812S or PC-P460S super fast charger, to save up to 60% charging time, can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2 and half hours, and fully charged within 3 hours 50 minutes.


14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage auto switch
For ALEXA LF/65 high voltage cameras
For all normal voltage cameras
For high voltage cine lights
Compatible with normal voltage chargers
290Wh capacity, at least 250W high load
6A fast charging support
8-LED remaining time indicators
D-tap power output socket
Normal V-mount connection
1.5m drop-off proof, IP54 water proof
Multiple circuit protections

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SWIT PB-H196S 196Wh Bi-voltage Battery Pack
SWIT PB-H196S The great solution to power ARRI Alexa LF/65 high voltage cameras: SWIT Intelligent Bi-voltage Battery, which can output both 11-16.8V normal voltage and 22-33.6V high voltage, with auto recognition and switching by the dedicated V-mount plate, compatible with Alexa LF/65 and all other normal cameras and devices, with no risk of misusing. The Bi-voltage battery SWIT PB-H196S output normal 11-16.8V voltage as default, you can attach to any normal V-mount cameras or other devices, and any normal voltage chargers. Use the ARRI ALEXA dedicated V-mount plate KA-A20S, PB-H196S battery can recognize and auto switch on 22-33.6V, to power Alexa LF/65/SXT/AMIRA. Features 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage auto switchFor ALEXA LF/65 high voltage camerasFor all normal voltage camerasFor high voltage cine lightsCompatible with normal voltage chargers196Wh capacity, 200W constant high load6A fast charging support8-LED remaining time indicatorsStandard V-mount connection1.5m drop-off proofMultiple circuit protections Technical data Nominal Voltage: 14.4V or 28.8V auto switchingCapacity: 196WhPower Load: Constant 200WMax charging current: 16.8V / 7AMount Type: V-mountCharging Temperature: 0 ~ 40°CDischarging Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C (Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°)Dimension: 162 x 101 x 53mmNet weight: 1.2kg

gross: €476.00
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Core SWX HLX-275MXV Helix Max 275 V-mt
Core SWX Helix Max 275 V-mt SKU: HLX-275MXV Core SWX Helix Max 275 V-mt is a Native Dual Voltage lithium ion v-mount battery with a robust load output. The Helix Max 275 is equipped with a 3-phase backlit runtime LCD, strategically mounted on the side of the pack, providing the camera operator or grip unparalleled information on battery life and charge status. This advanced LCD is designed to display estimated runtime when the pack is not in use and actual calculated runtime when it is in use by sampling the load every 3 seconds. When placed on a charger, the LCD rotates 90 degrees to display the remaining charge time until the battery is fully charged. Additionally, the LCD displays a bar graph, runtime in hours and minutes, and remaining percentage capacity, allowing filmmakers and lighting professionals to make informed decisions about their power management strategy. Additionally, Helix Max battery packs are able to communicate remaining runtime to the camera’s display. By transmitting the same information displayed on the runtime LCD to the camera, operators can view important data such as voltage, battery runtime, and percentage directly on their camera. This feature not only saves time by eliminating the need to check the battery’s status manually, but it also ensures that camera operators always have the most up-to-date information about the battery’s performance. With this level of communication, professionals can work with greater efficiency and accuracy, knowing they have a reliable power source to support their creative vision. Features 2K Cycles 2Y WarrantyCamera CommunicationCompatible ChargingDual Voltage OutputHigh Current DeliveryHigh Voltage EfficiencyRFIDRuntime LCDUSB PowerWraparound LED Technical data Native Dual Voltage lithium ion battery with a robust load outputCapacity: 275whOperational Voltage: Native Dual Voltage, DC 11v-16.8v/DC 22v-33.6vSize: 8,89 cmx 16 cm x 7 cmWeight: 1,40 kgLoad: continuous 20A @ 16.8v and 10A @ 33.6v

gross: €856.80
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