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smallHD Cine 24 Deluxe Acrylic Locking Screen Protector

smallHD Cine 24 Deluxe Acrylic Locking Screen Protector


smallHD Cine 24 Deluxe Acrylic Locking Screen Protector is high end anti reflective 24-inch acrylic screen protector. It adds protection to your monitor from scratches and impacts while also not degrading the image quality in any noticeable way. You can leave this screen protector on the entire time you are using the monitor. It is easy to add/remove to the Cine 24 monitor and it locks into place.

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smallHD Cine 24 4K High-Bright Monitor
smallHD Cine 24 SKU: MON-CINE-24 smallHD Cine 24 brings 4K, daylight-viewable monitoring everywhere. Lightweight for faster setup and teardown, this monitor is the all-around solution as a director’s monitor or for production and broadcast video villages. Cine 24 is SmallHD’s ultimate production workhorse. The Cine 24” 4K High-Bright Monitor offers 1350 nits of sustained brightness, enabling clear viewing in bright daylight environments, which eliminates the need for a sun hood or viewing tent. The 24-inch screen, the largest in our Cine series, features a 3840x2160 resolution as well as 10-bit color depth and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut for color-accurate images. Cine 24 features four 12G SDI inputs and outputs as well as one HDMI 2.0 input. The Unibody Smart Chassis offers a Dovetail Mounting Rail for battery and accessory mounting, interchangeable mounting points, and 2x 2-pin accessory power outputs. Hot-swappable dual inputs allow you to add on Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate attachments. Features Display: 24.1" 3840x2160Backlight Type: Edgelit LCDBrightness: 1350nits SDI: 4x 12G-SDI in, 4x 12G-SDI outHDMI: 1x HDMI In, 1x HDMI OutPower Input: 1x 3-pin XLR (12V-34V, 12A)

gross: €7,378.00

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