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Shape Matte box 4x4

Shape Matte box 4x4


The SHAPE 2-Stage 4 x 4″ Matte Box accepts lenses with up to a 105 mm front outside diameter. The main frame made of carbon fiber. It mounts to 15 mm LWS rods and utilizes a swing-away design, which lets you perform quick lens changes without having to remove the matte box from your rods. You can adjust the height of the matte box in relation to the rods, which comes in handy when your lens center to rod center height is slightly off from the standard. Two rotating filter stages support the use of 4x4″ filters. The matte box comes with a top flag (eyebrow), side flags, six matte box donuts in 65, 77, 85, 88, 100 and 105 mm sizes, and (1) elastic donut. The matte box also has a rear opening of 100 mm for lenses.

The included anti-reflection donuts prevent light behind the camera from reflecting off any filters in the matte box and degrading the image. Included with the matte box are anti-reflection donuts for lenses with a front outside diameter of 65, 77, 85, 88, 100, 105 mm. The included elastic donut supports lenses with a front outside diameter between 65 and 105 mm, and it is especially useful with lenses that grow and shrink as you change focus or zoom. The side flags incorporate a hook design as a safety feature where they attach to the matte box. This helps prevent them from falling out of the matte box should the lockdown thumbscrew loosen accidentally. The swing-away bracket incorporates a height adjustment, enabling you to compensate a total of 0.65″ vertically. This allows you to use this matte box with a variety of camera/rod support combinations that may vary slightly from the industry standard 85 mm distance from LWS rod center to lens port center.


Lets you perform quick lens changes without having to remove the matte box from your rods
Main frame made of carbon fiber
Swing-Away Support Arm
Height Adjustable
Fits Lenses up to 105 mm
Compatible with 15 mm Rods
360° Rotatable Filter Stages
Top and Side Flags Included
Side Flags Feature Safety Hook Design
(2) Rotating 4×4″ Filter Trays
(6) stepdown rings (65, 77, 85, 88, 100, 105 mm)
(1) Knickers

In the box

6 x RINGS (65, 77, 85, 88, 100, 105 mm)
1 x Knicker

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Genus Wide Clip-On Matte Box GWMC
Genus Wide Clip-On Matte Box GWMC The Genus Wide Matte Box is one of the best Matte Box you can find on the market. It includes a wide angle matte box with a 4 x 4" fixed filter tray, a 4 x 4" rotatable filter tray. The Wide Matte Box easily clips on or can be supported with our Camera Mounting System for greater sturdiness. This allows you to take off the Matte Box easily when switching lens. With 2 stages of filter trays, one wide (fixed) and one standard (360° rotatable for graduating filters), both filter trays accept 4x4” filters and are removable from the top as well as the bottom, which gives you easy access and withdrawal of the filters. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch the filters according to your camera configuration, especially for video cameras that have microphone above the lens. The front tray is designed slightly wider than standard in order to minimize the risks of clipping, especially when using a Canon 5D, 7D or Video Camcorder with a Wide Angle Attachment. The Matte Box also features a 360-degree rotating tray. With a friction adjustment, you have full control of the rotating speed. There are audible clicks on every 90-degree rotation, so you can judge of the position of the filter. There are a wide range of adaptor rings available to fit lenses from 58 mm to 86 mm.

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Vocas MB-256 Matte Box (0200-0256)
Vocas MB-256 Matte Box SKU: 0200-0256 The Vocas MB-256 has been specifically designed for use with Zeiss CP.2 lenses. Therefore this matte box is compatible with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114 mm. The matte box features a Quick-Lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel. This matte box can also be attached to the camera with a 15 mm lightweight support or on top 15 mm rails. The MB-256 matte box is also compatible with the Vocas swing away bracket (0460-0600) This matte box accommodates 3x3" through 4x6" filters and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The Vocas MB-256 has one rotatable and one fixed 4" wide filter tray and it also features a patented "heavy duty" French flag clamper. Internal eyebrows are standard on the MB-256. They can be operated from the outside of the matte box. These patented internal French flags allow the user to adjust the matte (or mask) to the zoom position of the lens. Although the MB-256 can be used as a clip-on matte box, we recommend the use of a barsadapter or swing away bracket and a MBS-100 matte box support. Specifications For use with up to 2 filters (1 fully rotatable).Can be used with any 4" wide filter.Fits on lenses up to 114 mm in front diameter.Externally operated patented eyebrows.The MB-256 can be used as clip-on or with a barsadapter on the top or bottom of the matte box.The MB-256 is compatible with the Vocas swing away bracket (0460-0600)Weight of the matte box with filterframes: 458 grams.   What's in the box MB-256 Matte box2pc. 4"x4" filter frame (Item 0310-0001)1pc. 310 mm wide standard top flag (Item 0330-0001)

gross: €690.20
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