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RigWheels Wheel Axle Kit

RigWheels Wheel Axle Kit

This is a multipurpose wheel/axle kit. If you’re building a DIY skater or table top dolly getting the axles right is one of the most difficult parts of the project. This is a set of 2 axles with custom inline wheels. The axles are 15mm in diameter so you can use them with 15mm rod support gear. The center hole is for a 1/4″ mounting bolt.

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Accessory Items

RigWheels Drum Stick 15mm Wheel Axle
RigWheels Drum Stick 15mm Wheel Axle SKU: DA01 8″ long1/4″ hole in the center

gross: €26.18
RigWheels Inline Wheel IW01
RigWheels Inline Wheel SKU: IW01 These Rigwheels inline skate wheels are the perfect custom formulation for film and video applications. Not too hard, not too soft. They include ABEC 7 bearings and the hard-to-find spacers that go inside the wheel. Can be mounted with 5/16″ or M8 size bolts.

gross: €11.90

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gross: €298.69
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