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Porta Brace CB-810

Keeping production cables wrapped and organized can be a challenging task. Portabrace Cable Binders make it easy to keep all of your spare cables and cords organized and easy to identify when you need them.

The CB-810 Cable Binders are a set of four (4) color-coded durable Nylon straps that securely wrap around cables to keep the cable loops together during storage and transport. Only one Cable Binder is needed to secure each cable because the Cable Binders use hook and loop fastener to wrap tightly around the cable to pinch it in place. A durable elastic bottom tip makes the binder easy to put on and take off.

Each Portabrace Cable Binder SKU comes with four (4) individual binders

-Durable, soft elastic

-Color-coded Nylon tabs

-Grip securely around cables

-Easy to put on and take off

Package Includes

4 x 10-inch Cable Binders

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