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Module 8 L1 Tuner Super Baltar Variable Look PL Lens to E Mount

Module 8 L1 Tuner Super Baltar Variable Look

The Module 8 L1 Tuner is an innovative new lens that transforms your modern digital cameras into a nostalgic dream machine. It unlocks the cinematic magic of vintage films with a simple twist on lens adapter, available in three distinct looks. The L1 look is inspired by The Baltars. It gives you all of the glamour and glowing halation seen in a classic Super Baltar lens. It can evoke emotion by creating the nostalgic warmth, romance, and gritty realism of classic films, like the Godfather. When you max out this look, we like to call it the Wicked Baltars.

The Tuner seamlessly integrates into your existing camera rig and allows adjustment of the look and character of your images in real time, during the shot. No more hunting down expensive lenses, paying exorbitant lens rehousing fees, or investing in the latest hyped up “detuned prime lenses”. The Module 8 Tuners work seamlessly with your existing glass to create the cinematic looks cherished by the top Cinematographers. The Tuners now come in two lens mounts, EF and PL. The EF Tuners are compatible with Sony E Mount and RF Mounts on Canon and RED cameras. The EF Tuners include build in electronics support for autofocus, aperture control and image stabilization of electronic lenses from Canon, Sigma and Tamron are supported. Due to the electronics, the EF version does not have the ability to change camera mounts. The PL mount Tuner supports a wide range of PL mount glass as long as the rear elements do not protrude too far from the mount. Since the PL Tuner does not have electronics, users can swap mounts to ANY mirrorless camera including Sony E, Canon RF, L Mount for Blackmagic, Panasonic and Leica, and Fujifilm X.

  • Recreates the soft glow and dreamy halos of the famous Super Baltar Lenses
  • Glowing and dreamy highlights for classic Hollywood glamour with soft/dreamy bokehs
  • The most extreme effect of the Module 8 Tuners
  • EF Tuner supports autofocus, focus and aperture control via camera (PL Mount Tuners has supports swappable camera mounts)
  • PL version allows professional and affordable PL lenses from Zeiss, Leitz, Tokina, Sigma and DZO
  • No shimming or complex setup. Twist on and start creating with vintage looks
  • Maintains 4k center resolution while softening the contrast
  • All aluminum construction with integrated gear for adjusting look
  • Affordable alternative to expensive “Tuned Lenses” or specially detuned lenses
  • Real time visual feedback with our patent pending Variable Tuning Technology
  • Adding spherical aberration to create halation preserves microcontrast unlike
  • the scattering effect of diffusion filters
  • Variable Tuning ring enables precise amount of lens character while maintaining focus
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