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Genus Mini Jib with Case G-MINIJIB

Genus Mini Jib


The new Genus Mini Jib has been designed for Genus by James Smith of DSLR Devices in the UK

This revolutionary Camera Jib arm / DSLR Jib Arm gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would have only dreamed of doing in the past.

The Genus Mini Jib both compact and lightweight, It is about same size or smaller than most tripods so it's the perfect companion for your filming projects and adventures. Don't leave home with out it.


Collapsed 84 cm
Extended 180.5 cm
Weight 1.58 Kg
Maximum Camera Weight 4.25 Kg
Height range 1.87 m

Counter Weights

It's recommended using dumbbell weights as counter weighs for the mini jib, as they come in different increments and are very compact, so when you find your perfect combination it makes life easy. They are cheap and can be found at any good sports store  For fine-tuning, using the Lock Jaw Collar clamps moving the weights closer and further away you can achieve perfect balance.

Quick Release Plates

It's recommended attaching a camera quick release plate to mini jib to allow the quick and easy mounting of your camera on it. The mini jib comes with bolts which allow you to securely and easily attach a quick release plate


It's recommended supporting the mini jib with a strong and steady tripod. Make sure the rated payload of tripod is greater than the combined weight of the mini jib, the camera and another accessories you attach to it.

What's included

  • 1 x Genus Mini JIB Arm G-MiniJib-ARM
  • 2 x Genus Lock Jaw Collar G-MiniJib-LJC
  • 3 x Genus Plate / Camera Locking Screw G-MiniJib-LCKSCREW
  • 1 x GenusMini Jib Carry Bag G-MiniJin-CBAG
  • 1 x Genus Mini Jib Strap G-MiniJib-STP
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Accessory Items

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Benro MoveUp4 camera crane for DSLR / light cameras
Benro MoveUp4 The Benro MoveUp4 is a lightweight travel jib that folds up for easy transport. Ideal for HDSLR and lightweight video cameras this jib can support up to 8.8 lb (4kg) and has a vertical reach of 72.8". The 3/8"-16 threaded flat base allows for a number of mounting options. Soft case included. Folding Design The Benro MoveUp4 folds up in a small, portable package making this ideal for filmmakers who need travel friendly gear. Its compact design pairs nicely with smaller tripods and lightweight cameras, therefore reducing the overall amount of equipment required to enhance your production value. Accessory Mounting Threaded mounting points allow you to attach monitor arm to view shot live while operating from the back of your jib. Vertical search With vertical search of 6 feet (1.83 m), MoveUp4 can achieve sweeping shots for the cinematic look. Technical data Maximum Load 4 kgMinimum Height 123 cmMaximum Height 185 cmFolded Length 69 cmWeight 3.1 kg In the box MoveUp4 Travel JibCarrying CaseWeight Clip

gross: €296.31
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ProSup Camera Jib Arm EJib
ProSup EJib SKU: PS110 The ProSup EJib with tie down and 100mm bowl is an ergonomic jib, constructed of high grade Aluminium which has been hard anodised for strength and integrity. Adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point to make the unit easy to operate. The counterweight spindle is made to adapt standard weightlifting weights (Barbell) with a diameter of 30 mm. The biggest assets of the EJib are the compact packing size inside the Pelicase and its set-up in less than a minute due to as little as 3 components – EJib, tripod locking screw and 100mm bowl. The Pelicase includes a specially designed foam insert which also allows transportations of counter weights of 5kg and 2kg. Highlights ErgonomicAdjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot pointEasy to operateTransport in a minimal sizeFits on every 100mm tripod Assembled in both over- and undersling configurations for optimum camera positions The total weight of the case and E-Jib is 16 kiloThe Jib-arm folds down till 72 cm and weighs no more than 11 kgThe carrying capacity of the EJib is 15kg and its lift range is 162cm The more you extend your tripod, the higher the EJib’s top position. This means that camera lens heights of approx. 3m can be achieved. If you go upside down just turn the 100mm bowl. Now, the “Undersling” bracket is the ideal accessory for your EJib. Rubber coated weights of 2 x 10kg, 1 x 5kg and 1 × 2kg for the maximum payload of 15kg are recommended. Through fine tuning the EJib will stay in any position – at the very top or bottom! In the box 1 x EJib1 x Tie down1 x 100mm bowl1 x Case for EJib with special inlay

gross: €2,677.50
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edelkrone JibONE v2
edelkrone JibONE You will drastically improve the quality of your shots with JibONE, the app-controlled VERY SMART jib that fits in edelkrone backpack. You can set JibONE vertically to achieve amazing incline shots, horizontally to get slider-like shots or diagonally at every 22.5 degrees to mix both axes. (Pan and Tilt axes of JibONE are coupled.) JibONE gives 50 cm motion in any direction when fully extended and the motion can be looped for interview shots. Fast setupWorks with HeadPLUS & HeadONEApp controlledSilky smooth motionOne-touch time-lapseUltra silent operationCan be hand-controlledFits in edelkrone BackpackCompatible with all DSLRs Maintains the camera angle JibONE can maintain a forward-facing camera while moving vertically, horizontally or diagonally at any angle. Just use a tripod head to set the pan & tilt angle of your camera and JibONE will maintain it for perfect motion shots Can be hand-controlled You can manually adjust the positions of JibONE (and HeadPLUS). Instead of relying on a remote control, you can program your camera motions with just your hands! This gives an unprecedented speed to your workflow, and makes the whole process much more intuitive. Upright or upside down head mounting You can attach any tripod head, edelkrone HeadPLUS or HeadONE straight up or upside down based on your needs. Upside down mounting works great if you need to achieve low-angle shots. Fast to set up - easy to relocate No tools or assembly required. Requires only a few minutes to setup for quick filming and when changing scenes. JibONE has a locking mechanism to make it immobile so you don't need to disassemble the system to relocate it. (Movement across long distances is not recommended.)

gross: €1,428.00

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Manfrotto 577 Video quick release tripod plate
Manfrotto 577 Video quick release tripod plate and adapter assembly Compatible with the original plate supplied with Vinten Pro-5 and manfrotto 525 fluid heads, this plate is ideal for mounting on auxilliary equipment such as camera stabilisers etc. to allow rapid inter-chang of cameras. Compatible with the 501PL camera plate (supplied with the head 501HDV, 503 and 519 Video Heads) and the special 501PLONG accessory plate. This Quick Release adapter gives you the freedom to remove the camera from the head without detaching it from the plate and put it on any other support. Supplied with 1/4" and 3/8" camera screws. ATTENTION! Not compatible with Pro-5 HDV or Pro-6 HDV Technical data Attachment 1/4" and 3/8" screws attachment typeAttachment (bottom) 3/8" female thread attachment typeAttachment 2 1/4" female thread attachment typeColor Black colorMaterial AluminumPlate type 501PLQuick release YesSecondary safety system YesSliding travel of plate20 mmWeight 0.28 kg

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Genus Plate / Camera Locking Screw G-MiniJib-LCKSCREW3/8
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Genus MiniJib Camera Mount Extension Plate G-MiniJib-CMEP
Genus MiniJib Camera Mount Extension Plate G-MiniJib-CMEP The original design for the Genus MiniJib is for DSLR cameras but the MiniJib can easily cope with an array of different cameras. In certain operating circumstances, take the C100 for example, the back of the camera may touch the top bar of the arm whilst doing a low tilt shot. To avoid this from happening Genus produced a Camera Mount Extension Plate. This Plate comes with a 1/4"-20 Mount Screw and a 3/8" Mount Screw to ensure the camera is held in the exact position. There are also threaded sockets to attached accessories such as a Noga Arm. Dimensions  46 mm x 12 mm x 100 mm Weight 110 g 

gross: €89.25
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