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Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone

Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone

S-Mic 2 has remarkably ultra low off-axis coloration.  You have nothing to worry about if an audio source moves slightly in and out of axis of the S-Mic 2. Having to boom between multiple actors? Even a novice boom operator can pick up rich full sounds on a film set with this shotgun microphone.

The construction of the mic body is computer machined from solid brass inside & out. No plastic is used anywhere in the construction to hold it together or mount the PCB unlike other microphones that sell for similar prices. The Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone uses a high-end capsule, computer designed circuitry, and features a gold coated PCB (printed circuit board). The PCB is also sprayed and coated with a clear epoxy which allows the microphone to perform without issues even in the most humid environments. This coating also gives the microphone a water resistance level that allows it to work in the rain without being damaged. The body of the microphone has been sprayed with a black speckle paint to give it an ultra durable finish, so it looks professional in front of clients for years of ownership and makes it less reflective on set.

The Deity S-MIC 2 has an ultra low noise floor at 12dB (A-weighted), 24dB (CCIR 268-3). Combined with its anti-RF interference build, the S-Mic 2 is able to be boosted with gain with a lot less background noise than some microphones on the market.

Whats Included In The Box

Deity S-Mic 2 Microphone
3/8″ Mic Clip
Foam Wind Screen
Hard Waterproof Case

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Accessory Items

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Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit
Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit To better protect your microphone, every Deity S-Mic 2 comes with a waterproof hard case. The hard case features a rubber O-ring in the lid that seals the case tight and an auto air-pressure balanced feature ensuring your microphone is safe and ready to go. Deity Microphones has also partnered with Rycote®, the top trusted name in microphone shock mounts. Our partnership allows us to create an optional add-on kit that includes a Rycote InVision Softie Lyre® Mount, and Deity wind jammer. The Rycote InVision Softie Lyre ®Mount uses a Rycote Duo-Lyre 19/34 so it will work with the S-Mic 2 and most other microphones on the market, making it a powerful must have tool to have in your gear bag. Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone Location Kit  Includes: 1 x Deity S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone1 x Deity Fur Wind Shield1 x Rycote Pistol Grip Shock Mount For Boom Poles

gross: €440.30
Deity S-mic 2S Condenser Microphone
Deity S-mic 2S The Deity S-Mic 2S is a professional shotgun microphone offering superior sound performance, quality circuitry and great craftsmanship making for a reliable tool for audio recording.The Deity S-Mic 2S features a super cardioid pickup pattern which minimizes surrounding ambient sounds but still offers low off-axis coloration.The S-Mic 2S also is very forgiving when trying to point it at an actor or actress because of its super cardioid pickup, making it a great microphone for new boom operators.The microphone’s ultra low self- noise lets you capture natural-sounding speech and dialog without any distractions.Designed to hold up to the brutality of run-and-gun-style shoots, the Deity S-Mic 2’s body is machined from 100% solid brass and features a epoxy sealed gold-coated PCB board and a moisture-resistant capsule.All Deity S-Mic 2S come with a waterproof, shockproof hard case to keep your microphone safe during storage or travel. Also included with ever purchase is a mic clip and a foam windscreen.The kit also features the Deity Microphones faux fur wind jammer that can be added over the foam Features Ultra Low Off-Axis ColorationLow Inherent Self-NoiseWater Resistant and Humidity ProofRF-Interference Proof24V or 48V phantom poweringSuper Cardioid Pickup Pattern In the box 1 x S-mic 2S1 x Microphone Clamp1 x Windscreen1 x Safe Case

gross: €321.30
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