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D|Focus Systems D|ZOOM

D|Focus Systems D|ZOOM

Another new product from D|Focus System  D|Zoom, is here! It’s a gear driven zoom lever allowing the operator to pull zoom from the side of the camera, similar to how a follow focus enables focus pulls from the side. Like other D|Focus products it is manufactured in the USA.

D|ZOOM Features

Single rail, all aluminum, CNC machined 15mm rod mount
Smooth, damped motion (amount of damping is user adjustable)
End user adjustable backlash
A ratcheting thumbscrew for tightening onto rails
Industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod) drive gears. Works with D|Gears as well as any other standard lens gear or Cine lens
All stainless steel fasteners

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Accessory Items

Genus Flexible Lens Gear (G-FG)
Genus Flexible Lens Gear for Follow Focus Systems SKU: G-FG Durable and highly flexible, the Flexible Lens Gear from Genus wraps tightly around the focus ring of any DSLR lens and can be adjusted as needed. By using Genus follow focus systems, it becomes much easier to achieve smooth, precise focus changes with lenses not originally designed for filmmaking.

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