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Back-Bone 1/2.3″ 4.5-10mm 10MP CS-Mount Lens

Back-Bone 1/2.3″ 4.5-10mm 10MP CS


Back-Bone 1/2.3″ 4.5-10mm 10MP CS – ultra high resolution optics! This CS-Mount lens features full 4K shooting resolution as well as the flexibility to change your field of view. Designed specifically  for 1/2.3″ image sensors it’s a perfect match for the Ribcage and an excellent choice for general shooting! 35mm equivalent focal length ~25- 60mm

1/2.3″ 4.5-10mm 10MP CS technical data

Format:  1/2.3″
Focal Length: 4.5-10mm
Aperture: F1.8 – close
Iris Type: Manual Iris
Horizontal FOV: 76.5 – 36 degrees
Mount: CS-Mount
IR-Corrected: Yes
Weight: 190 g


Manual Iris
Focus, iris and zoom locking screws
Full 4K resolution

Ribcage camera compatibility

GoPro Hero 3/3+
GoPro Hero4
Back-Bone H5PRO

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