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Syrp 1P Link Cable

Syrp 1P Link Cable

SKU: SY0001-7008

Use the Syrp link cable to connect between the Genie and your camera. The Link cables come in 9 different types and support hundreds of different cameras including DSLR's, mirrorless cameras and some video cameras.

1P Link Cable Compatibility

Panasonic FZ15 | FZ-45 | FZ-1000 | FZ-35 | FZ20 | FZ30 | FZ50 | FZ100 | FZ150 | FZ200 | FT 2 | GF1 | G1 | G2 | G3 | G5 | G6 | G7 | G10 | GH1 | GH2 | GH3 | GH4 | TS2 | LC1 | L10 | GX1 | GX7 | GX8 | GX7 L1
Leica DigiLux 2 | DigiLux 3 | V-Lux 1 | V-Lux 2 | V-Lux 3

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Manfrotto IR Link Cable für Syrp Genie / Syrp Genie Mini
Syrp IR Link Cable Compatible cameras Canon EOS M | EOS M2 Nikon1 J1 | 1 J2 | 1 J3 | 1 J4 | 1 S1 | 1 S2 | 1 V1 | 1 V2 | 1 AW1 | 1 V3 | D3000

10,00 €*
Brutto: 11,90 €
SYRP 2S Link Cable
SYRP 2S Link Cable SKU: SY0001-7012 Use the Syrp link cable to connect between the Genie and your camera. The Link cables come in 9 different types and support hundreds of different cameras including DSLR's, mirrorless cameras and some video cameras. 2S Link Cable Compatibility Sony A7S | A7ii | A7 | A7R | A3000 | A3500 | A5000 | A5100 | A6000 | NEX 5 | NEX 5N | NEX 5R | NEX 5T | NEX 6 | NEX 7 | RX 100 | RX 100 mk II | RX 100 mk III | A7rii  

9,00 €*
Brutto: 10,71 €
Syrp 3L Link Cable für Syrp Genie / Syrp Genie Mini
Syrp 3L Link Cable für Syrp Genie / Syrp Genie Mini Compatible cameras Olympus XZ-2 iHS | XZ-2 | E-420 | E-410 | E-400 | E-450 | XZ-1 | E-600 | E-520 | E-30 | E-100 | E-620 | E-510 | PEN E-PL5 | PEN E-PM2 | SP-550 | SP-570 | SP-560 | PEN E-PM1 | PEN E-PL2 | PEN E-PL3 | PEN E-PL7 | PEN E-P1 | PEN E-P2 | PEN E-P3 | OM-D E-M5 | PEN E-P5 | OM-D E-M1 | OM-D E-M10 | E-330 | E-500 | PEN E-PL8 | OM-D E-M10 II | OM-D E-M5 II | E-400

18,00 €*
Brutto: 21,42 €

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Manfrotto Genie II Pan Tilt Linear Kit
LINK Kabel: 1C Link Cable (SY-GENIE-1C)
Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt Linear Kit The Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Kit combines the Genie II Linear and the Genie II Pan/Tilt Motorized Head to create a motion control solution that can slide, pan, and tilt for controlled tracking shots in video or dynamic timelapses. In the box: 1 x Syrp Genie II Linear1 x Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt

2.400,00 €*
Brutto: 2.856,00 €
Syrp Genie II Linear
LINK Kabel: 1C Link Cable (SY-GENIE-1C)
Syrp Genie II Linear Der Syrp Genie II ist kompatibel mit 100 verschiedenen Kameras, einschließlich DSLRs, spiegellosen Kameras und Videokameras. Der Syrp Linear Drive ist eine komplett neue Version des originalen Genie mit eingebautem Joystick. Genie II Linear kann an jeden Slider oder jedes andere Zubehör angeschlossen werden, um es in ein Motion-Control-Gerät zu verwandeln. Spezifikationen Maximale Geschwindigkeit: 160 mm / Sek Minimale Auflösung: Linear: 0,01 mm Batterie-Zeitraffermodus: 14 Stunden Akku-Videomodus: 8 Stunden Akku Ladezeit: 3 Stunden Akku: Li-Ion 11.1V 2600 mAh Akku Horizontalbetrieb Nutzlast: 7,5 kg Vertikaler Betrieb Nutzlast: 5kg (!) Gewicht 0,9 kg inkl. Batterie Schnittstelle: USB-C Port (s) - Aufladen, Kameraauslöser, Kamerasteuerung / Bluetooth 4.2 Niedrige Energie - Verbindung zu Syrp Genie App / WIFI 2.4Ghz Top Mount Typ: 1 / 4-20 oder 3 / 8-20 UNC Schrauben für die Montage von Kameras Unterseite Typ: 3/8 UNC Gewinde zur Befestigung an Schiebern, Stativen, andere Systeme (1/4 "bis 3/8" Adapter ebenfalls im Lieferumfang enthalten) Im Lieferumfang enthalten 1 x Genie II Linearantrieb Timelapse Controller 1 x 3m Genie Seil 1 x USB-C zu 2,5 mm Link Kabeladapter 2 x Seilhaken 1 x 90 mm Schnellwechselplatte - 1/4 "und 3/8" Schrauben 1 x USB-C Ladekabel 1 x USB-C Internationales Ladegerät 1 x USB-C zu USB-A Adapter 1 x 1/4 "bis 3/8" Adapter

700,00 €*
Brutto: 833,00 €
Manfrotto Genie II 3-Axis Epic Kit
Syrp Genie 3-Axis Epic Kit Das SYRP Genie II 3-Axis Kit liefert Ihnen alles, um 3-Achsen-Zeitraffer-Videos zu produzieren. Dieses Kit stattet Sie mit dem Rüstzeug für fast jede Situation aus. Benutzen Sie zur Steuerung die Syrp Genie App oder das On-Board-Display. Kit bestehend aus: 1 x Genie II Linear1 x Genie II Pan Tilt1 x MC Medium Track 1000mm1 x MC End Caps & Carriage

2.600,00 €*
Brutto: 3.094,00 €
Manfrotto Genie Mini II
LINK Kabel: 1C Link Cable (SY-GENIE-1C)
SYRP Genie Mini II The Genie Mini packs a lot of punch and is designed to be extremely portable, easily slotting into the smallest of carry bags or even straight in your pocket. Simply attach the SYRP Genie Mini to a tripod and shoot smooth panning time-lapse moves using the Syrp Genie App. In video mode the Genie Mini moves at a perfectly smooth continuous speed for accurate panning moves. The Genie Mini is designed to be incredibly simple and is beginner time-lapse friendly. The Syrp App is equip with factory pre-sets so you can start shooting straight out of the box with no technical expertise required. Just connect and shoot! The Genie Mini is compatible with a huge range of cameras and works with your smartphone, GoPro, mirror-less camera or DSLR. The SYRP Genie Mini is designed to play nicely with the Genie. Shoot next level 2-axis time-lapse or motion control video and add production value to your films by syncing the two together. *Note the Sync cable for connecting Genie + Genie mini sold separately and can be found in the accessories section. The ease in, ease out feature allows you to ramp your movement at the beginning and end of your time-lapse or video move. Once set, the movement will slowly rise up to your desired speed at the start of your shot and gradually dampen down at the end before coming to a complete stop. The Genie mini enables beautiful HDR time-lapse, giving your footage a stand-out effect by allowing for greater dynamic range in your final video. WHAT'S IN THE BOX Genie MiniMicro USB charging cable1/4" to 3/8" thread adapterLens cloth Technical data SPEED LIMITATIONSMax Speed - 360° in 31sMinimum Resolution - 0.011° PAY LOAD / WEIGHTPanning Load - 8k g (17.6lb)Tilting Load - 5 kg centered (11.0 lb)Weight - 230 g (8.1 oz) BATTERYTimelapse - 40+ hoursVideo - 5+ hoursCharge Time - 3 HoursIncluded Li-Ion Rechargeable battery COMPATIBILITYThe Genie Mini is compatible with 100s of different cameras including DSLRs, Mirror-less cameras and video cameras INTERFACEBluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - to Syrp App (iOS, Android)USB - ChargingCamera Port - 2.5mmAccessory Port - 3.5mm (Dual Genie mode + IR cable) POWER SUPPLYUSB - Charging 5V 0.5A DC MOUNT TYPE1/4-20 On top3/8-20 On bottomIncluded 1/4" to 3/8" adapter

227,00 €*
Brutto: 270,13 €
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