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RigWheels Passport 2 RigWheels Passport 2 Camera Slider/Dolly
SKU: PCD2 / The Passport 2 Slider/Dolly System is tailor made for traveling professionals and remote on-location production. The all-in-one design and rock solid build quality make the Passport 2 Slider/Dolly system ideal for...
2.926,21 € *
Nettopreis: 2.459,00 €
CamDolly SnakeTrack Flexible Rail CamDolly Cinema System SnakeTrack Flexible Rail
SKU: CamDolly-Rail / While the CamDolly can ride on metal track, we designed it with our SnakeTrack Flexible Rail in mind as a super-portable way to get complicated curves that would be impossible with metal track
714,00 € *
Nettopreis: 600,00 €
RigWheels RigPlate Pro RigWheels RigPlate Pro
SKU: RPP1 / RigPlate is one of the most versatile pieces of camera mounting hardware you can own
208,25 € *
Nettopreis: 175,00 €
camdolly cinema systems CamDolly Full Kit
Whether you need a Table Top, a Fully Rideable Tracking Camera Dolly or anything in between, The CamDolly CS lets you configure it all in just about 5 minutes
5.944,05 € *
Nettopreis: 4.995,00 €
pollysystem polly arm connector PollySystem Polly Arm Connector
With the PollySystem Polly Arm Connector SKU: 377764 you can mount the Polly Arm to all tools with a 3/8" thread
142,80 € *
Nettopreis: 120,00 €
pollysystem polly euro adapter bridge PollySystem Polly Euro Adapter Bridge
PollySystem Polly Euro Adapter Bridge
285,60 € *
Nettopreis: 240,00 €
pollysystem polly surface bag PollySystem Polly Surface Bag
PollySystem Polly Surface Bag precisely fitting bag for the Polly Surface rails
172,55 € *
Nettopreis: 145,00 €
pollysystem polly connection plate PollySystem Polly Connection Plate
PollySystem Polly Connection Plate SKU: 377763 is a connection Plate with 3/8" and 1/4" threads
101,15 € *
Nettopreis: 85,00 €
pollysystem polly case peli PollySystem Polly Case Peli
PollySystem Polly Case Peli precisely fitting Peli trolley case for Polly Engine / Polly Arm.
641,41 € *
Nettopreis: 539,00 €
pollysystem polly half ball converter 75mm PollySystem Polly Half Ball Converter (75mm)
PollySystem Polly Half Ball Converter (75mm) is a 75mm converter ring for the Polly Half Ball Adapter
77,35 € *
Nettopreis: 65,00 €
pollysystem polly half ball adapter 100mm PollySystem Polly Half Ball Adapter (100mm)
With the Polly Half Ball Adapter you can connect video heads with a 100mm half ball to the Polly Engine. The base plate has 3/8" and 1/4" threads. (A converter ring for 75mm half ball size is also available)
284,41 € *
Nettopreis: 239,00 €
pollysystem polly surface PollySystem Polly Surface (inkl. Tasche)
The improved Polly-Surface is the perfect supplement to the polly system. The set consists of three adjustable elements, so you can compensate unevan grounds. Polly Surface Bag precisely fitting bag for the Polly Surface rails
711,62 € *
Nettopreis: 598,00 €
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